Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dress Project is in the news!!!

Well yesterday was exciting… on the front page of the Sunday MetroWest Daily News I was greeted with a picture of my ‘Thank you for Waiting’ dress. That was a wonderful surprise to add to the pleasure of seeing Chris Bergeron’s article about the Dress Project. I think Chris really captured the spirit of the Dress Project. Here is the link to the article and there a video too(heehee) happy viewing! Peace ~

Friday, June 20, 2008

and I wonder why my house is never clean...

This is what happens to me ... I cut up a cantalope for my girl's snack, and while I was cleaning up I thought WOW that rind is really cool. It reminded me of alligator skin or batik. So I start cutting and voila a dress, with shoes(to boot). peace

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

it is summer vacation....

I am two days into summer vacation and having a bit of a hard time with the transition. This is not new – it happened last year - I wasn’t ready to lose any of my precious studio time; however, if memory serves me correctly by, the end of last summer I was sad to see my girl return to school – a little sad! But this year as the school year has wound down, my anxieties have wound up. So here I am again with this struggle, this pull of my hearts strings ~ artist, mom, wife (in no particular order). However, this year I have been given a ‘gift’ ~ a book that I discovered yesterday which seems to address my growing agitation. It is called strong hearts, inspired minds 21 artist who are mothers tell their stories. Last night I was transfixed reading about other women who are doing what I am trying to do and their struggles, doubts, guilts and successes. In the introduction the author, Anne Mavor, pointed out that “both roles (as artist and mother) are chosen for love and cannot be easily cast aside. In addition, they are crucial to the functioning of our society. If artists and parents suddenly stopped doing their unpaid jobs, the world as we know it would fall apart. No one would be bringing new people or new ideas into the world, nurturing and loving them until they could stand on their own.” (strong hearts, inspiring minds, Anne Mavor. page 6.) Something to think about.
So far it has been a fascinating read. Peace!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Viva Barcelona!!!!!

Life presented me with a ticket to Barcelona

so I had to oblige …off to Espana I sped.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Please pass the syrup

Dress making is a compulsion for me - most everything I see sends my brain into a frenzy of envisioning a dress. But now the addiction has spread to my family. My Sunday started with my seven year old daughter presenting me with this pancake that she designed. It was yummy!!! peace