Saturday, December 12, 2015

A story for the birthday boy ...

'the day it snowed and snowed and snowed ...'
today is my dad's birthday, Happy Birthday Daddy!! and I thought in lieu of buying him yet another 'thing' that he most likely doesn't need, I will give him a story of a childhood memory of a magical  evening adventure!!! 
Daddy and me a few years later

Daddy and me in the courtyard

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! 
love you lots!!! XXX

'The day it snowed and snowed and snow ...'
by Virginia Fitzgerald
for the birthday boy and my Daddy,
Robert Fitzgerald

When my brother and I got up it had started to snow.  We were so excited.
My mom and dad were worried about a big storm, but to us, it just looked like fun.
After breakfast, we played in the courtyard,bundled in our snowsuits, hats and mittens. 
At lunch Mr. Schuller, the super, came by to make sure the heaters were working. He said this storm was turning out to be a big one! 
Mom watched the TV as my brother and I watch the snow. 
Daddy came home early from work. He brought groceries and some friends who were going to stay with us since they were stranded in the city. 
Suddenly our apartment was full of neighbors and friends, music and laughter. We were having a snowbound party. 
As our apartment got louder and louder, the city got quieter and quieter. 
The snow kept falling, blanketing the streets; no cars went by, there was hardly anyone about. 
As the snow dwindled off, my brother and I stared out through the steamed-up window at this winter wonderland. 
Daddy joined us looking out the window too, then asked if we wanted to go for a sleigh ride?! 
We explode with excitement!!! Yes!!!Yes!!!Yes!!! 
Mom thought it was too cold, too late, but my dad convinced her to let us go if we promised to go straight to bed. 
We promised!!! 
We bundled up again, this time with extra scarfs and socks. Daddy got the sled from our basement storage closet and we headed off. 
The street was so quiet and white. The streetlights reflected off the park cars covered in snow, making them look like giant sleeping trolls. 
The sidewalk had vanished under the blankets of white. They were impassable. I thought this would end our adventure right then and there, but my dad didn't waver. 
He trudged through the snow and into the street, where it was not so deep.We had been told to never play in the street, so we hesitated. 
Daddy told us that tonight was a special night, with special rules. There were no cars tonight, in fact nothing was moving so we could be in the street. 
My brother and I looked around, he was right! 
We climbed on the sled, my brother in my lap, and we were off, down the middle of Dearborn. Light streamed out of every window, giving everything an enchanted glow. 
I heard the sleigh blades skate along the snow, my brother quick breaths and my father's boots crushing the freshly fallen snow. 
This was magic; to be out so late, to be with my dad, to feel warm and safe with my brother in my lap and to be surrounded by such quiet in the middle of the city. It felt like a dream. 
So while we clambered back to the apartment, with our cheeks kissed pink with the brisk winter air, and we shed our coats and boots while saying good night to the party, I held on to that dream. 
And as I wandered up the stairs, heading to bed, I knew that I was going to continue the dream, I was going to return to the day when it snowed and snowed and snowed.

little me
the end

my styling mom and dad

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Coming to you from the Windy City ...

It's been a bit quite here on my blog because I have been on the road, helping the lovely & talented Bree Richey Designs at the One of a Kind show in Chicago!! 

But as one who follows me knows, I'm always doing something ... So during the show I have been documenting my morning (& sometimes evening) beverages. So here are a few of my drawings from chi-town!!!