Tuesday, October 11, 2016

WATCH THIS!!!! it makes me smile

As we here, in the USA, approach one of our most critical elections of our history, and the political climate and rhetoric feels nastier and nastier,
I wanted to share this wonderful video!!!

I have caught myself watching it repetitively as it makes me smile and it gives me hope, since I remember 8 years ago electing the first black president wasn't a guarantee.  But Obama was elected and I am so proud that he was our country's commander in chief to guide this country out of some perilous situations.  He was handed a sinking quagmire and he lead our country with strength, respect, humor and so much more.  

I am a firm believer in the idea that people learn by example, by what they see more than what they are told, and I have watched Obama lead with such class and intelligence. It heartens me to know that his demeanor and faith in the good of everyone is what the world sees.  He is a role model for all, and I am so sorry to see him go, as is the producer of this video.  

Here is the 'backstory' of this video (published on Oct 7, 2016):

Because of the lyrics of the song "Don't Go" by Jon Tarifa, Spiros Lena was inspired to make a tribute video for the coolest President the world has ever seen!
Artist: Jon Tarifa
Video by Spiros Lena

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