Thursday, September 23, 2010

Portrait Show opening this Saturday ....

This Saturday at LynnArts, Inc is the opening for the Portrait show. My piece, Spirited, is in this show. The show runs from September 16-October 29, Time Warner Gallery , LynnArts, Inc, 25 Exchange Street, Lynn, MA.
Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 25, 2-4pm

I hope to post my pictures from this weekend but until then you can find some pic.s at this link ~ Cutting Edge opening party pictures.

Also a little momento from my weekend in New York ~ a little cup of heaven, made at my favorite NYC cafe in Chelsea ~ Le Grainne Cafe.
not sure why, but dresses kept popping up in my food this trip....


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Openings!! Openings!! Openings!!!

Hello from Brooklyn, NY!!! where I am still buzzing from the wonderful opening reception of Cutting Edge at the Textile Art Center. Here are a few photos that a friend sent me from the opening ~ I will have more from my camera once I am back home. But it was a rocking event!!! Beautiful art, tasty beer, yummy food, great music and a wonderful crowd!!! the place was packed ~ and my creatures were right in the middle of it all!!!!

Yesterday was a great day ~ besides the awesome opening and spending the entire day wondering the streets of Manhattan, prowling galleries and yarn shops, I also received the news that my shadow boxes were accepted into the 11th annual Frances N. Roddy Open Competition at the Concord Art Association, Concord, MA. This is really exciting news because I have been trying to get into this show for years and almost didn't submit any work this year because I was tired of the Roddy rejection. But my friend David Lang convinced me to do - 'always good to put the work out there' and voila!!! David's wonderful piece Sound Bytes also got accepted!! All very exciting. And last night I realized that at this moment i have work in 5 shows!! ~ ETA8, Portsmouth, NH; the Roddy, Concord, MA; In-Between, Worester, MA; the Portrait Show, Lynn, MA and Cutting Edge, Brooklyn, NY ~ and for this I am truly grateful!!!

The Roddy show runs from today, September 18-October 17 and the Opening Reception is this Sunday, September 19, 2-4pm. Sadly I wil not be there as I will be en route home from New York!! But if you are in the neighborhood do stop by, Concord always puts on a beautiful show!!
Happy weekend & peace!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In-Between is In-triguing

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the 2010 Inaugural Regional Art Show, In-Between, at The Gallery at Worcester State University. It is a truly engaging show with a terrific collection of work, representing many, many media. I found myself wanting to spend time absorbing many of the pieces. Upon entering the gallery there are two arresting mixed media pieces by Pamela Cooper, My Space V and My Space II which stopped me in my tracks. Each piece is a 3d paper house which hangs from the ceiling. Each has windows in which you can peer to see drawing of the occupants of the houses ~ giving you a voyeuristic thrill.

Once I pulled myself away from that I was drawn to Leslie Schomp's Wedding Dress. Another suspended piece, this one a white dress adorned with 2 embroidered portraits - one on the front of the dress, the other on the inside of the dress, embroidered with hair. Totally amazing!! Leslie's other submission, Double Self Portrait, earned her an award. I am excited that Leslie also has pieces in the Cutting Edge exhibition, opening this Friday in Brooklyn.

Next I was blown away by Andrea Lilienthal's Swarm (pictured here on the right) This piece consists of pussy willow catkins and wire and it too was suspended from the ceiling (I am noticing a trend here). I found this piece astounding ~ it was attractive and repulsive simultaneously. I was charmed by the pussy willow catkins and disconcerted by the idea of a swarm! Since the opening I checked out her web site and enjoyed looking at her other work, especially her dress series :).

Two of the pieces by Zehra Khan, I needed to examine more closely to really appreciate the wonder of them. She creates these elaborate installations and costumes and then photographs herself and/or friends in these 'scenes' ~ most revolving around a rat. The photos are both eerie and memorizing!! You can see more of the rat on her site. (piece pictured here is Last Cigarette, ink-jet photographic print, 20 x 27", 2010. Installation: acrylic on canvas, paper and self)

There were many wonderful pieces, a truly exhilarating show. If I were to describe everything that excited me I would never see my pillow :). The list of the participating artists is below, I have underlined the prize winners, check out all the work. But even more, if you are in the area, this show is definitely worth the trip!!!

here are the particulars ~
In-Between @ The Gallery at Worcester State University
Ghosh Science and Technology Building, First Floor
486 Chandler Street, Worcester, Mass
Gallery hours:Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1-4 pm
On view September 11 – December 2

The artists: Erica Aubin, Susan Bennett, Claire Burke, Mary Calkins, Kathleen Cammarata, Peter Ciccariello, Don Collette, Pamela Cooper, Linda Dagnello, Myles Dunigan, Catherine Evans, Virginia Fitzgerald, Diane Francis, Tom Grady, Gillian Haven, Debra Horan, C.M. Judge, Lynn Johnson, Ena Keo-Thompson, Zehra Khan, David Lang, John LaPrade, Jeannine Lazzaro, Charles Lemay, Andrea Lilienthal, Jane Lincoln, Anni Lorenzini, Jonathan Lucas, Coelynn McCinnich, Denise Manseau, Sarah Meyers, Robert Morgan, Martha Monroe, Ashley Parent, Marcy Pope, Susan Post, Pamela Redick, Alya Romeos, Jacqueline Ross, Donalyn Scholfield, Leslie Schomp, Mari Seder, Wendy Seller, Susan Swinand, Elizabeth Thach, Timothy Winn, Peter Wise, Agnes Wyant
(top photo is Birsh book by Donalyn Scholfield)

Monday, September 13, 2010

what makes a portrait???

this is the question that I found myself asking last week when I submitted some pieces, which could be thought of as unconventional portraits, to the Portrait Show at LynnArts, Inc. Happily I can say the piece, Spirited, was accepted, but this situation got me thinking & in fact explaining myself which I am not one to do usually. here is a section from my email which I sent once a little bird told me that
my submissions created some questioning looks....
"For me both these pieces are self portraits, however not in the traditional sense. Most all of my dresses are self portraits. The dress image represents a vessel containing the spiritual, emotional and physical essence of being female, and even more they correspond to elements or facets of my personality and life experience. I felt that ‘Spirited’ was a more direct interpretation of a self portrait ~ the figure is similar to my own and the words found on the dress are some of my characteristics. The photo might be considered a little more of a stretch, yet I believe that the bud personifies strength, potential, vibrancy & beauty, while the droplet suggests clarity and 'fertile'ness. Also they both embody the essence of an Anais Nin quote which speaks to the current place that I am in my life journey. This quote is “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

So it will be fun to see the show and see the juror's interpretation of a portrait.
Here are the specifics for the show ~
LynnArts' Inc ~
Lynn’s Central Square at 25 Exchange Street.
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 25, 2-4 pm
the show runs ~ September 16-October 29
Juror: Joseph Wardwell

Sunday, September 12, 2010

illustration friday ~ proverb

Lately I have been bummed because I haven't had the time to do Illustration Friday & I truly missed the challenge and the community. And I was even going to skip this week, even though the topic made my head swim with ideas ~ the topic being 'proverb'. I mean, OMG, the amount of images that were popping into my head almost hurt. But I have so many other things to do ~ girls in school with all their needed supplies, prepping my creatures to go to Brooklyn, redesigning my web site!!!! and applying for grants ~ just to name a few. So I told myself this was a time to make priorities and reign myself in (as I have been advised to do by some people) and I was not going to post anything for IF. But then, while on my many dog walks, I noticed so many busy bees frantically gathering up the last bits of pollen before the first frost ... "pop" ~ 'busy as a bee'. Then I remembered a greeting card illustration I did with bees!!! And how appropriate is this proverb for me right now ~ busy as a bee!!!! That's me ~ buzzzz, buzzz, buzzz!!

happy weekend & peace!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treacherous' coming out party

The Gallery at Worcester State University is proud to host an opening reception of
“In-Between,”our Inaugural Regional Art Show,
Saturday,September 11, from 6-8 p.m.
The gallery is located in the Ghosh Science and Technology Building on the first floor.
All are welcome.
The show will run September 11th - December 2nd.
Gallery hours are:
Tuesday and Thursday, 1-4 pm,
Saturday, 1-4 pm,
and by appointment.
For more information:
Catherine Wilcox-Titus
need I say more..... peace

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road trip anyone?!?!?

I am getting my creatures ready to send to Brooklyn for the upcoming group show ~ "Cutting Edge: A Celebration of Fibers" ~ at the newly opening Textile Arts Center . The show is part of the grand opening of the center & it should be fun!! There will be raffle prizes & refreshment provided by local vendors, as well as music by Raya Brass Band. The center is located at 505 Carroll Street (Park Slope/Gowanus area), Brooklyn, New York City.
The show will run from September 17th to October 11th. There will be an opening gala on Friday the 17th from 8 -11 PM. There is also going to be an artist talk - date to be announced. I am planning to make it to the gala - not sure about the artist talk ... but who knows!!! New York is not that far from Boston .... can you say road trip??? my girls are already planning what they are going to wear to the opening :)
Here's creature perched on a sculpture stand ~ they are just so versatile!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

opening of ETA 8 @ Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth,NH

Just returned from a wonderful evening in Portsmouth where I attended the awesome opening of Nahcotta Gallery's ETA 8. I was so glad I could go and Hurricane Earl didn't dampen the evening at all. The town was bustling and Nahcotta was too!! Here are some photos I took - the place looked great - with all these little treasures adorning the walls. I met one of the artist, Terry McCue who does these beautiful pastels and was exhibiting some lovely acrylics for the show (sadly I didn't get a picture of her work -but check out her website). Here is a picture of my girls in all their glory ~ and there is a red dot there as well :) ~ hopefully more to come!!!

This picture is of the gallery's window which I LOVE ~ especially with the night sky behind it!!! the window was created by Jennifer Judd-Mcgee and Julia Rothmans for their show at Nahcotta called flora and fauna, last October.

It was a fun evening and I love Portsmouth!! The show runs until September 27th so if you are in the neighborhood you should stop by. And if you are not in the neighborhood ~ you should go... New Hampshire is glorious with the Fall foliage!!! :)
Peace & happy Labor Day!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Opening Tonight in Portsmouth, NH ~ be there!!! :)

Tonight is the opening of the Enormous Tiny Art show @ Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. And yours truly is planning to attend ( unless Hurricane Earl has something to say about it). I am so excited to be part of the show!! It is a spectacular idea ~ 'for the months of September and February, Nahcotta is entirely devoted to the incredible creation that is tiny art, each piece measuring ten by ten square inches or smaller and completely original.' As I may have mentioned before they have 14 pieces of mine ~ some 3d and some 2d.

So today I am excited (opening party..), however I am also a little nervous because for this show I am debuting a different style of small dress which i really love. These dresses are part of a series of smaller papier-mâché dresses that I paint like the walls of 'this comes from within'!!! (worlds colliding) I love so much about these dresses ~ i love building the forms and then covering them with papier-mâché ~ the smoothness of the paste. I love how these dresses sit on the surface ~ solid, grounded, sturdy. And finally I love, LOVE to paint these pieces ~ to follow the lines and the thickness created by the paint ~ i just get lost in the process. Additionally I love how I use different papers (maps, letter, spread sheets, horoscopes...) for the final surface of the papier-mâché and how some of the paper shows through the painting. I also love how the strength and meaning behind each piece exposes itself as I paint ~ as I work a 'theme' appears on the dress.

So we will see how these pieces are received!!! But no matter what the opening should be awesome and I hope to see you all there!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

testing out my 'photographic' legs

Well the leaves are changing and the kids have started school so that means that Fall is just around the corner. And with Fall comes the Natick Artists Open Studios!!! This year the open studios will be running Saturday & Sunday Oct. 16 & 17 ~ 12-5pm. I mention this now (Sept. 2nd) because today I dropped off my photo, Droplet, to be part of the NAOS "WATER" group show which will be at the Morse Institute Library. This is one of the many events that runs in conjunction with the Open Studios. Over 48 artists who are participating in open studios this year are exhibiting one or more of their pieces that have a water theme. It is a great survey of some of the talent that you will find at the open studios this year.

After much deliberating I decided to submit a photograph ~ something a little different for me. I have been taking many photographs lately. I have joined a very casual group which tries to post a photo-a-day ... no assignments, no pressure, just a creative activity. Now, my participation ebbs and flows but I LOVE the outlet and find it SO inspiring. It has been a wonderful exercise to get me to see more ~ to fine tune my artistic eye. Also, I have realized how much I love taking photographs!! But I feel very funny thinking of myself as a photographer ~ feel like i haven't taken the appropiate classes or something. But the more photos I take, the more I like the way the pictures look like ~ and this is a particular favorite of mine. I really enjoy taking pictures, especially after the rain ~ I am captivated by the remaining drops. So I felt this was a good opportunity to try out my photographic legs a bit. And it was so wonderful to see one of my photographs big and in a frame!!! Which does give it a bit of a more professional look.

I am also planning to submit this photo to a The Portrait Show. It reminds me of the Anaïs Nin quote which I feel so connected with lately ~
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Secondly, a friend saw this photo as a self portrait ~ 'mirroring my attention, sensitivity and awareness of the small miracles that surround me' ~ love that thought!! So we will see if the juror sees it as a portrait...

The NAOS Water Show at the Morse Institute Library starts today and runs thru Friday October 29th.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

close the door, I'm dressing!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that i am currently doing work on my web site ~ revamping, redesigning and moving it, so it is under construction and will not be available for awhile.
i plan for this to be a temporary state ~ very short!! but in case you were looking ... my web site is in disposed ;) ~ no peeking!!!