Monday, March 30, 2009

Send me your flower power!!!

With warmer weather hopefully around the corner, the next dress I want to put in the window of One80 is Flower Power. This dress will usher in Spring with color, spirit and the passion of peace. Another stellar element of this dress is that it is an ongoing collaborative project – all the strings of beads have been made by other people and I am still collecting. I am hoping for a big, beautiful, full skirt of beads & color.

So with the upcoming appearance of Flower Power I hope to get some more strings of beads. Anyone who wants to add their personal touch can send me a string of beads. It is easy – there is no wrong way to do this – any beads, any length, whatever you want. Just put the strand into an envelope and send it to me~

Dress Project .
25 Washington Ave.
Natick, MA 01760.
Threading beads can be a wonderfully creative and meditative activity. I look forward to seeing your creation.
Thank you & peace !

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dress Update....

Well...Black Widow did not make it into the Danforth Member museum show; HOWEVER, “Emily” the Dress of Etiquette did!!! She was juried into the show by Lisa Tung and Joseph Carroll. For more information about the show click here. There will be two receptions ~ the Off the Wall Gala, Saturday, May 30, 2009, 6 - 8 pm and the Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition Opening Reception ~ Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 6 - 8 pm.
Since I was (of course) racing the clock to get Emily submitted I do not have a picture of her complete!!! SO you will all have to see her in her finest at the Danforth.

Now Even though Black Widow did not get into to the show she is on exhibit in the window of One80 in downtown Natick. Since I lost my windows when I moved studios One80 has kindly offered their windows!!! Right now Black Widow and In Memory of… are in the windows. I wanted to put in In Memory of… to acknowlegde the 6th anniversary of the Iraq war which was March 19th!

In Memory of....
I hope to be able to keep a good rotation of dresses in their windows. They are also exhibiting other artist’s work – some beautiful jewelry and the woodworkings of Carl Staley. The address is 19 south Main St (Route 27), between Gallery 55 and Bakery on the Common.

Monday, March 16, 2009

13 uninterrupted years!!!! lost

This is a quote that came on my Starbuck's cup and I HAD to share.....
The Way I see It #51 ~
"Americans spend an average of 29 hours a week watching television- which means in a typical life span we devote 13 uninterrupted years to our TV sets! the biggest problem with mass media isn't low quality- it's high quantity. Cutting down to just an hour a day would provide extra years of life- for music and family, exercise and reading, conversation and coffee."
--Michael Medved, author of Right Turns & radio talk show host

That is a little over 4 hours a day which equals 13 YEARS!!!!!I am the person who, in college, learned that you spend about a quarter of your life asleep and I tried to stop sleeping - that didn't need sleep, but TV?!?

Beside putting scary numbers to a habit that i don't particularly like - though there is a time for TV, and it can be a good resource - like the PBS series Art 21!!! love it!!! It also seems like an appropriate quote to go with my VCR tape dress or aka Black Widow. I submitted this dress and the Dress of Etiquette ( a sculpture made entirely out of an Emily Post book) to the Danforth Member Show - let's all keep our fingers crossed!!! And let's turn off the TV & talk!!!!!!! peace

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This print is in the WOMEN in PRINT,
an exhibition of Boston-area Women Printmakers.
It is at the
Bunker Hill Community College Gallery ~
the show runs March 9th through April 17th

Artists’ Reception:
Thursday, March 12th,
6:00 – 8:00p.m.
Featuring music by Felice Pomeranz of the Gilded Harps

Gallery Talk: Thursday, March 26, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. “Let’s Talk About Prints”

WOMEN in FILM: Thursday April 2nd, 6:30pm
Current works by women filmmakers, exploring women’s issues
Including film shorts by:
Ashley Shuyler, Michelle Rawlings, Jessica Gidal, and guest curator, Rinat Harel
Panel discussion to follow

Gallery information:

250 New Rutherford Avenue ~ Boston, MA 02129617-228-2093Gallery Web page at:

Here is a blurb from the press release as well as a list of the artists ~

"The assembled group of Boston-area women printmakers provide a broad range of work including abstracts, portraits, cityscapes, socio-political, domestic interiors and the autobiographical in printmaking techniques ranging from mono-prints, etchings, fabric printing, serigraphs, woodcuts, holographs, and digitally assisted processes. The work is as varied as the interests and styles expressed by this intergenerational group of local women printmakers. The participating artists include the seasoned artist veterans Esther Garcia Eder, Linda Dunn, and Carolyn Muskat, as well, as the soon-to-graduate Umass art Department emerging artist Angie Melchin and recent Leslie University graduate Fiona Logusch and printmaking newcomer Blair Boudreau. Female imagery is abundant as seen in the work of Jennifer Hughes, Virginia Fitzgerald, Jackie Miller, Nancy Popper, Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld, and Randy Garber. The lush and vibrant prints by Rani Sarin, the black and white mono prints by Catherine Carter, and the print-on-fabric quilted squares by Jeanne Williamson supply the exhibit with an array of abstract imagery. The work of these 29 local women artists in more than fifty pieces are on view as part of the BHCC International Women’s Month events and celebrate the diversity of art making within this well networked printmaking community."

Coco Berkman
Blair Boudreau
Susan Axe-Bronk
Priscilla Claus
Barbara Ford-Doyle
Esther Garcia-Eder
Tamar Etingen
Virginia Fitzgerald
Katharine Furst
Randy Garber
Judy Hochberg
Jennifer Hughes
Lynne Johnson
Charlotte Kaplan
Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld
Fiona Logusch
Angie Melchin
Rachel Mello
Jackie Miller
Carolyn Muskat
Ellen Shattuck-Pierce
Nancy Popper
Amy McGregor-Radin
Rani Sarin
Danielle Shaheen
Erin Smith