Tuesday, March 22, 2016

'lilith contemplates ...'

One body of work which basically created its self is my photo series called, 'lilith contemplates ...'

What I mean by that statement is that the idea for the series basically came from the sculpture, 'lilith in blue ...'.

Last spring there were a few occasions in which  'lilith in blue ...' was needed to be out and about.

The first event was that she was one of the models for one of David Lee Blacks' Photography Workshop "Creating your Vision". 

'lilith in blue ...', along with the beautiful and talented Melanie Moore and Kaya Alexandria Wadsworth Worthington, owner of CapeCodGypsea, were photographed in front of the Atlantic ocean.  I thought that she looked so at home outside in the elements!!

Then she was one of the sculptures that I brought with me when I gave my lecture for 'wake up and smell the poetry' in May.

During the lecture I spoke about 'lilith in blue ...'  and the historical/biblical/mythical figure, Lilith.
talking during 'wake up and smell the poetry' 2015
Lilith's story can vary depending on the source.  The one that I reference in the name of my sculpture is the Lilith that was Adam's first wife in the Garden of Eden.  She was made like Adam, out of dirt, her own individual creation, not from any part of Adam. With this individuality came an independent spirit and a strong will which was not acceptable in Eden.  So Lilith was banished from the garden and God made Eve, using a rib bone from Adam with the intention that Eve would be more obedient ... enter snake, stage right.

Upon relaying Lilith's story I recognized some similarities between my 'dressproject' and Lilith's strong will and eventual exile.  'lilith in blue ...' is a plaster dress sculpture on which I painted images which  allude to life, nature, passion, pleasure, knowledge and femininity.  As i spoke suddenly I saw this sculpture was an embodiment of my 'dressproject'.

After the lecture, I was planning to return 'lilith in blue ...' to my studio but in the driveway of my studio there was an old push grass cutter and I put 'lilith in blue ...' by the contraption.  It felt like 'lilith' had a thought about this relic and suddenly I knew that 'lilith' had many thoughts and instead of going back into my studio, 'lilith' went back into my car to go out and contemplate the world.

She went many places last Spring and I witnessed a series develop - 
be it in a book form, or in a gallery.  

Sadly, I had to abandon lilith's adventures with the increasing pressures of 'real life',  but I knew that her returned to the studio was temporary.  If I can get funding for her travels we would be back on the road. in NO time flat.  In fact when I envision this series I see lilith and I criss-crossing the country, contemplating the brooklyn bridge, the mississippi, a hay stack, an oil drill, the badlands!!! 
 the list can go on and on. 

But until the lilith lottery ticket arrives, 
here are a few of the photos from lilith's journeys so far.

'lilith contemplates evening ...' (2015)
'lilith contemplates single stream recycling ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates that freedom is not free ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates detours ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates the art of lisa barthelson ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates a change in careers ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates palettes ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates sanctuary ...' (2015) 
'lilith contemplates the cost of parking ...' 2015

thank you and peace!!!

video from 'wake up and smell the poetry'

Monday, March 14, 2016

validation: messy room, brilliant mind!!!!

What a perfect way to start a week!!! In my FB feed, there was a link to this article from Country Living with the comment ...   'this looks likeVirginia Fitzgerald" 
Well, it not only looks like Virginia Fitzgerald, it IS ME!!! 

Many moons ago I 'modeled' for a local photographer who sells his photos to photo banks, like Getty Images, but I completely forgot about it until today!!! And now I am the poster child for embracing your MESS!!!! (happy dance)

And to add to the joy of this discovery,  this photograph captures me working on one of my favorite sculptures, 'lush ...' , so that would be the summer of 2009. 

This New Study Offers a Good Excuse Not to Straighten Up That Messy Room

Papers thrown about? Craft supplies strewn across the table? A disorganized space might just be a sign of creative brilliance.

If there's one thing we could all count on hearing from our parents growing up, it was the seemingly constant command to clean our rooms. Over time, mom and dad's insistent reminders to put away our toys have turned into a nagging inner voice telling us that we'd get so much more work done if we'd just straighten up our desks.But what if everything you thought you knew about the benefits of being tidy was wrong? A recent study released by psychologist Kathleen Vohs at the University of Minnesota concluded that a messy work environment is actually linked to greater levels of creativity and and interesting ideas.In the study, Vohs tested the effects of different kinds of working environments on human behavior. As part of the study, participants were asked to come up with different uses for ping pong balls. The ideas were scored by impartial judges, who concluded that the ones generated by the people in messy environments were more interesting and creative. Messy room participants also tested as more likely to choose a new product than an established one."Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights," Vohs said in a report by the Association of Psychological Science."Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe."The study was tested in six different locations, but Vohs found that the type of room participants worked in did not matter—the environment just had to be unkempt to result in a difference in behavior.So the next time you head into your home office or craft room, you may want to skip the extra few minutes it would take to put your books or supplies away—you never know when your messy space will inspire something extraordinary.TELL US: What type of environment do you think you do your best work in?(h/t Apartment Therapy)

'lush ...' (2009)


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just under the wire ... #makeitindesign

quote by oscar wilde 
Since reentering the world of surface design and freelance illustration ( I was freelancing few decades ago, pre-internet ) I am amazed by all the wonderful resources that are available!! besides being able to view so many illustrators works on Instagram and Pinerest, there are so many educational websites and online classes.  Many a morning I can fall into the blackhole of the cyber-world just following interesting links that are delivered to my inbox.  And that is exactly what happened today ...

Today I learned it was the last day to enter an online competition run by MakeItInDesign.com and to enter one needed to turn a positive mantra or uplifting quote you live by into a beautiful typographic design!!!! and the winner would receive: 
a place on The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design
posted on 'with love, virginia'

The Ultimate Portfolio Builder‘ course starting March 21, 2016.
So let's review ~ possibility to be in a class about building my illustration/surface design portfolio and creating an interesting illustration using typography and an inspiring quote?!?!? I'm in!!!
So I would just squeeze one more thing on my already full 'to-do' list today.  And I figured I would work-up one of the quotes that I had done for my inspirational blog, with love, virginia, it won't take that long ... ha, ha, ha.

Also as I was ping-ponging between all my different 'to-do's I suddenly was curious exactly when the 'creation' needed to be posted, since with many a deadline I have learned that I can really focus and finish once the other part of my day is done, the girls are feed and taken care of, the dog walk, the evening hours ... But I am SO glad that I did check because the deadline was midnight, but midnight  (GMT) (that is 7 PM EST!!!!! ACK!!!!)

But all is well as I pressed share seconds before 7 PM (EST) (fingers crossed) and I am happy with the resulting illustration.  In fact I hope/plan to do some more work on it as I think it would be great for a book bag?!? Which is another reason I love to enter competition and join challenges, as it is a great way to push yourself to make work!! So here is my entry, an illustration of one of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes.  


Midnight (GMT) on Wednesday March 9, 2016


BRIEF: To enter this competition, your challenge is turn a positive mantra or uplifting quote you live by into a beautiful typographic design
  • LIMIT: You may enter this competition with up to 3 different designs / quotes
  • SHARE & SEND: Share your creations on your social networks using TWO hashtags: #makeitindesign AND #upbcomp and send your entry to submissions@makeitindesign.com before the deadline for your chance to win.
  • FORMAT & DETAILS: Images are to be provided in SQUARE FORMAT as low res cropped to 550px wide & ‘save for web’ jpg.  Please provide your full name, country you’re from and one web link (i.e. your blog/website)
  • JUDGING: Rachael Taylor will select the grand prize winner!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

craftivism: is a form of activism that is centered on practices of craft/art

my contribution to @whatchidid's project  

Craftivism:  a form of activism, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalismenvironmentalism or third-wave feminism, that is centered on practices of craft - or what can traditionally be referred to as "domestic arts". Craftivism includes, but is not limited to, various forms of needlework. Craftivism is a social process of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation. In craftivism, engaging in the social, performative and critical discourse around the work is central to its production and dissemination. [1] Practitioners are known as craftivists. (definition from wikipedia.org)
I love the concept: craftivism, as it embodies two ideas that I feel passionate about: making my voice heard and making things.  So when I saw this project, "Draw the Line" by @Whatchidid I just HAD to participate ~ Embroidery and Women's rights.

photo: @whatchidid

photo: @whatchidid
Artist Chi Nguyen (@Whatchidid )—in partnership with the Textile Arts Center and the Center for Reproductive Rights—put a call out to anyone who wanted to participate:
The public is invited to Draw the Line by joining the embroidery process at the stitch-ins, or by sending in their own 10x10” swatches with as many tally marks (卌) as they would like to embroider. All swatches will be patched onto a larger quilt to be used at the Supreme Court rally on March 2nd, 2016. ** (she is continuing to add swatches after today so don't despair)
Many stitch-ins were hosted and swatches were sent from all over the world; as of yesterday @whatchidid stated that the quilt now represented 300,000 embroidered lines with submissions from 34 states and 6 countries and the project is still going.  Today the quilt stood outside the Supreme Court of the United States but @whatchidid is still collecting swatches, her aim is to have 

5.4 million lines to represent the 5.4 million women of reproductive age from accessing the healthcare they need. So if you are interested grab your needle and hoop.

I learned of the project while taking my daughter on a college tour via Amtrak, but luckily for me I always travel with a needle and embroidery hoop and floss (I always think I would do really well on the Monty Hall version of 'Let's make a Deal' (Monty) "Let's see what you have in your purse" , (me) "well I have a paint brush, glue stick, pliers, ... ) 

It has been really interesting to see the different swatches and different interpretations on these swatches while just using tally marks!! Below is more information, links to articles about the project and photos,  along with the link to Artist Chi Nguyen (@Whatchidid )'s web site where you can find all the information about how to participate.  

photo: @whatchidid

"On March 2nd, 2016, the United States Supreme Court will hear the most important reproductive rights case in almost 25 years. The decision will determine whether Texas can shut down nearly all abortion care providers in the state and prevent 5.4 million women of reproductive age from accessing the healthcare they need."

DrawtheLine.org where you can see pictures of many of the beautiful swatches.

“Because this is a very public and collaborative project,” Nguyen says, “some might want to embroider one line and others might want to embroider all 5.4 million. I think that’s the beauty of it. When we surpass the original number, we ourselves become ‘and Counting.'”

from the article about the project on VICE.com:

How will the quilt function at the rally? 
I really wanted to use a quilt because it represents comfort, safety, and security, and the lack of access to abortion care and reproductive health care in general is anything but that. The quilt represents those things for me and also creates a sense of unity from supporters across the US who can send in swatches, which we will sew together. Right now, I have no idea how many swatches we will get by March 2. If we don't get enough, we will hold stitch-ins at the rally, but if we finish, we will use it as a banner. However, it won't just be a banner. It will also provide warmth.