Friday, August 4, 2017

more great art from Potato Hill Poetry's Creative writing program

Before the summer ends I want to share some of the awesome work created by the terrific kids at Potato Hill Poetry's summer writing program.  I had the pleasure of being the guest artist for two more sessions and it is ALWAYS such a treat!! 

Potato Hill Poetry's Andrew Green sets an inspiring environment in which these kids flourish.  By the time I arrive, these kids' creative juices are flowing, making my job just that much more fun.

One week the group was working on written pieces about an imaginary place so I decided to have them create a mixed media map or a travel poster about their place.  Once the map was finished, we folded it up, just like a map, and put it into a cover, ready for a backpack or glove compartment.

The following week I shared my love for the master of color, Henri Matisse.  The Boston Museum of Fine Art had just hosted a beautiful exhibit of Matisse's work and so I thought I would join in on the matisse buzz that was happening.  
I focused on Matisse's later works, his collages. I gave the kids some basic instructions and lots of colored paper and they created some brilliant pieces.  Also to end the session, each writer shared a short story or poem about their collage!! I was over the moon!!!
I am sad to say that the Potato Hill Poetry Writing program is done for this year.  It is truly one of my highlights of my summer!! It is such a treat to work with these creative kids. And an extra special bonus is that Mr Green is alway an eager participant in my art activities which is fun for me and the kids.
'the sisters from Hamilton

I guess all I can do now is to wait for next summer .... 
peace,  virginia