Thursday, November 30, 2017

'out beyond ...', my contribution to the Medicine Wheel's Day Without Art

'out beyond ...' acrylic on board, 2x2ft
This fall Michael Dowling put out a call for artist to create one of 1,000 panels to be exhibited during  Medicine Wheel's Day without Art and I jumped at the opportunity.  I have worked with Michael and Medicine Wheel on numerous occasions and each time has been a rewarding and inspiring experience,  as was the case with this time. 

The vigil starts tonight at 11:30pm at the BCA and continues for 24 hours. Here is more information about the event, a link to Medicine Wheel Productions as well as a link to donate to this important community.  And below that information is a bit about this painting as well as a visual documentation of the many stages that the painting went through.  Enjoy! 

Day Without Art
World AIDS Day 
Friday December 1, 2017
Boston Center for the Arts 
539 Tremont Street 
Boston, MA 02116 
Vigil begins at 11:30 pm on 
Thursday November 30th 
on the BCA Plaza 
and runs for the full 24 hours of Friday December 1st 
ending at Midnight. 
Gather at 11:30 for a processional walk into the Cyclorama Plaza! 

In 1987 a small group gathered in a San Francisco storefront to document the lives they feared history would forget. This action served as the beginning of the Names Project, also known as the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Today, 30 years later, over 1000 artists, visual and performing, have re-invested in the power of that action to create a space to hold the human heart, a space to reflect, a space to remember, a space to see who we can be for ourselves and one another. 
To honor this anniversary we will be displaying a large section of the AIDS Memorial Quilt during the vigil. 
Please bring an offering of remembrance to leave in one of the Medicine Wheel shrines. 

Now about 'out beyond ...' 

This Fall I saw this call for art,
" As we gear up for the 26th annual Medicine Wheel and the 29th Day Without Art/ World AIDS Day we are looking for 1000 artists to re-invest in the power of Art and Healing to create a space that holds the human condition. Please consider painting a 2 foot by 2 foot panel with the theme of AIR in the colors of the sky to be part a the 1000 voice mural at the Boston Center for the Arts December 1."
and I happily answered YES

With the theme of AIR and the colors of the sky I decided I would work in blues and revisit my ' intuitive line paintings' from my installation that I creates in 2009 with Medicine Wheel, 'this comes from within ...'  Painting the walls for that installation is one of my fondest creative moment memories!!
'wall detail' from 'this comes from within ...'
 I love how organic these method of painting is for me.  
This painting method is a true dialogue between me and the work, 
as you will see how this painting went through so many versions 
before the painting and I agreed it was finished.  

When I got the blank white 2x2 board I started out by painting in big letters,
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing"
Recently I am enamored with Rumi's poems and 
especially this line and the meaning of these words.
Once the words were painted, my journey began, shapes and objects appeared
and disappeared.  
in this photo you can still see a few of the lettering ...

at this point the lettering has vanished ...

now is the time with the subtle changes ... this can also be the most frustrating time
as I don't want to overwork the painting, but somethings still don't feel right
painting in my living room, my daughters are so patient with me :)
voila - the finished painting, waiting to head back to Medicine Wheel Productions

Monday, November 27, 2017

just saying ... it's cyber monday

Tis the season once again, to find that perfect gift for a loved one or to show your appreciation, and with today being #cybermonday it may be a good day to start the fun.  Below are photos of just a few of the products available in my online society6 and redbubble shops and today these web sites are offering big discounts and some free shipping.  I have added the direct link to the products in the captions, below each photo, just in case anything below catches your eye. 

Also these sites offer the work of many designers and artists and when you buy any of the products from these sites, the artist gets a percentage of the sale.  So if you buy a product with my design Society6 and Redbubble produce and ship the item and then if you are happy with your purchase they give me a percentage of the sale.  Lastly, but very important, both sites have great refund policies, see more about that below.  

Also you can click one of the above links in the menu to go directly to one of my online shops.
Happy surfing and Enjoy!! XXX
'rainbow peace' clock on Society6
all wall clocks on Society6

Gratitude is the best attitude ... tote on redbubble
'cherry-berrie jumble ...' zip pouches on Society6showing today's sale price
You can combine different products to create a one-of-a-kind gift ... 
'follow your art ...' mug
'follow your art ...' tote
'follow your art ....' notebook 
'get thee to a library ...' mug on Society6

'rainbow peace ...' laptop skin on Redbubble 
* and as always, a percentage of all sales of any 'rainbow peace ...' products, will be donated to Natick's Rainbow Peace Flag Project, so it is a win-win!!
'wonky wildflower waterfall... ' throw blanket on Society6
'a little light lifting ... ' zipper pouch (small) on Society6

'oh dear wise one ....' on Society6

'out beyond .... ' tote bag on Society6
Last but definitely not least the tremendously soft and
incredibly large (74"x37") beach towel from Society6.

'pink love power ...' beach towel from Society6
Thank you for taking the time to pursue.  If you have any questions or see a design you like but it is not on the product you need, PLEASE email me or leave a comment.  There are only so many hours in my day and so many designs with so many options!!  
I honestly love seeing how my designs work on different products. 
AND both these sites have WONDERFUL return policies so if your order is not to your liking 
they will work to make you happy.  
Society6's return policy

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ho, ho, ho ... let the fun begin!!!

For you who might have missed the memo... today is Shop Small Saturday!!! which is to encourage folks to support and buy from small and local businesses!!  I am a big fan of the 'small' shops and I am so happy to say that my wares are carried in a number of wonderful, local 'small shop's and I have just restocked them with old favorites and some new products ....

Renew Arts & Industry

some of the new products that I delivered
to Uni-T ...

new product: 4x4 framed dailydress inspiration photos
perfect for teacher gifts, hostess' gift or a little add-on.
can hang on the wall or sit on a desk or tabletop.
$12.00/ ea. or 3 for $30.

Roots and Wings

Also this week, on Wednesday 11/29 from 4-7PM come visit me at Roots and Wings' tea room,
as I am one of the featured artists at Roots and Wing's Holiday event!!

I will have my dresscards, my new framed 4x4 dailydress inspirational photos, mugs, pouches, and possibly one of my organically crocheted wellness wraps?!?!?

There will be hot apple cider, great conversation, and fabulous shopping.
"Featuring 11/29 from 4:00-7:00 pm, come meet artists Virginia Fitzgerald with her dress art, whimsical art, and her new pattern creations. Shop among her functional art, wearable art, and must need accessories. Also enjoy Anastasia Papanikolaou with her essential oils and tinctures, ornaments, scented pillows and much more more. Guest Vickie Karian will be joining us too with hand knit gorgeous scarves.
Also for sale each evening will be the work from other artists who have work displayed in our cases and along our walls at Roots & Wings. And come back each Wednesday for our other featured artists including Kathy James, Sarah Allessandro,Judit Csikos-Lamb, Cheryl Dunlap, Cathy Weaver Taylor, Andi Lindsey, Anastasia Papanikolaou and more. Check back here and on Facebook for an updated schedule of events and artists."  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

playing a bit of catch-up ... Happy November

When you arise in the morning,
think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -
to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. 
Marcus Aurelius

Feel free to download and print out this calendar 
for your personal use this month.
p.s. if you are having problems downloading 
or printing the calendar, 
just leave a comment & email and I will send you a PDF.

thank you and peace