Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#wip wednesday: have indexcard, will travel, will create . . .

more #indexcardart:
this has been such a great project for my life right now ~  
prompt: portrait (pen and ink)
ms. sally lightfoot crab (pen and ink)
'studies in waiting (o'hare) (pen and ink)
'jake's escape . . .' (colored pencil)
prompt: treehouse; ink stamp/collage
'still life on flower box . . .' (pen and ink)
(mixed media)
pen and ink with watercolor crayons
'cocktails with caroline . . .' (pen and ink)
card #16
'eggplant & ginger . . .' prompt10
card #18; prompt 30: telephone
' mom's spirit guide . . .' card#11

Sunday, July 5, 2015

following the inspiring bread crumbs . . .

I always love how things just sort of unfold . . .

'kitchen table series . . .'
when considering today's dailydress inspiration's post I decided to post a quote that I said years ago, while having tea with artist Louise McCall.

I wanted to share a piece of Louise's beautiful work with my quote and while pursuing her website I was so inspired by the spirit and life of her work that I decided to create a  "dOse oF TaLenT" post about her.

And then as I was choosing what paintings to share I realized that the work that I am really drawn to are her still life's, and I have been really wanting to get back into my studio and paint some of  my  "kitchen table series" and pen and ink and that I have been doing for the ICAD challenge.

I can't think of a better way to light a creative fire under myself than to look at Louise's inspiring work and remember the many enriching conversations that I have had the pleasure of sharing with her.

So on this peaceful Sunday morn, I have been enjoying this treasure hunt of sorts, following these creative bread crumbs that all connect and that gives me a push in the direction of my studio.

Happy Sunday and peace,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#wip wednesday: introducing my index-card-a-day collection . . .

(my #wip: #icad2015 . . . . what are you working on??? xxx)
card#1: breakfast al fresca  _ pen and ink #icad
this week I am on the road to the chicago area to check-in with my parents, so I am away from my studio and my endless access to all things art supplies.  But it is all good because I am using this time to play catch-up with an exciting endeavor that I learned about last month:
hosted by Yellow Daisy.  

For anyone who knows me and/or follows me you know that I am a daily challenge junkie!! Love the idea of producing art everyday and sharing it.  I love this idea because it removes that 'precious' element of the end product, because you are just making art!!!  And this idea is one of the main points in my current reading book,

I thoroughly enjoyed Austin's book,
Steal Like an Artist, and so far I'm loving 'show your work'
Both books are inspirational is their message to just WORK!!! 
stop getting in your way, stop being stymied by do's and dont's 
(or at least the message that I get)
work!! work!! work!!
card#2  thank you Vincent  _ pen and ink, marker #icad
and now he speaks of sharing;
 I LOVE sharing!!
share, share, share!!!
this is my banner for my dailydress intentions group on FB  
Reading this book has been quite encouraging in that it champions the practice of sharing!!! and I can NOT tell you how many times I am writing a dailydress inspiration blog post, or editing an instagram post and I get thrown into a tornado of inner nay-sayers criticizing my uses of my time and question the validity of sharing. 

card#3 tray table still life  _ pen and ink #icad

Though Austin Kleon does caution:
"of course, don't let sharing your work take precedence over actually doing your work."
and for those of us that seem to get sucked into the wonders of the internet, he suggests: 
"If you are having a hard time balancing the two, just set a timer for 30 minutes.  Once the timer goes off, kick yourself off the internet and get back to work."
And with that suggestion in mind I am going to wrap up today's post.  
card#4: breakfast remnants   _ pen and ink #icad
Just want to share the few cards that I have done for #icad2015.  
This is a perfect project for me right now, 
as I am doing a lot of talking and waiting on phones and waiting in waiting rooms.    

card#5: lunch on the patio with mom and dad  _ pen and ink #icad

In fact this challenge reminds me of my dailydressjournal from 2011 and my subscriptioncard series, both of these series were results of the demands of life keeping me out of my studio, however I used whatever I could to create - the scraps of everyday life andor the endless supply of subscription cards found in every waiting room.

card#7: long day . . . pencil #icad
so introducing the start of my #icad2015 collection.  I will be sharing more here but you can also find my #icad cards on Instagram and on my Virginia Fitzgerald, art and design FB feed, on a more regular basis.

card#7 prompt14: salt and pepper  _ pen and ink #icad
Happy Wednesday!!
what are you working on???
peace and thanks for visiting, va