Tuesday, October 22, 2013

next up . . .the 'breaking open' artists' talk

I appreciate this is short notice 
AND I appreciate that this is not a great time for many (?!?!?) 
I was especially wondering how we came up with this time and date as I was preparing my girls' dinner at 6AM this morning so they can eat while I am chatting about my work ?!?!?!?
alas, now a days there really isn't a good time to plan much of anything :) 

But if you can make it this evening,
are going to be chatting about our work in 'breaking open', 
this evening, Oct. 22nd, from 5-7pm, at Fountain Street Fine Art. peace ~

And here are a few pictures from the opening taken by gallery visitors.  I especially like the one with the close up of one of my ceramic dresses with gallery visitors and other dress sculptures in the background!!! That was taken by artist/musician and awesome guitar teacher, Steve Broadley!

my co-hort in art, Anne Gilson!!! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

for your visual entertainment

if you can make sure to stop by, either my open studios or the reception for 'breaking open' which is tonight at Fountain Street Fine Art!!! click invitations below for more information

And for your visual entertainment, below is a video of me demonstrating the many ways of exhibiting 'raw'

Monday, October 14, 2013

next on the agenda . . .

Now that 'breaking open' is open, I am suddenly able to think about other things.  'breaking open' had hijacked most of my brain's band width for the past months!

I have physically felt my mind slowly recognizing that the show is hung and that that task is done.  It was an amazing feeling, however brief, because soon everything that I had put off; taxes, student progress reports and other commitments, all started vying for my attention.  But it all good!!

In fact this next weekend is going to be wonderful, so full of art and art talk!  And I wanted to give all a head's up so you can come join the fun.

First, on the evening of Saturday, October 19th, at Fountain Street Fine Art, we will be having the opening reception for 'breaking open'.  The official time is 5-7 but I am thinking we might be there a bit longer.  Anne Gilson and I are so excited about sharing this show with everyone.

October 19 & 20, noon - 5pm.  my studio is at the
Winchell Building Artists Studios,  25 washington ave.
But before the reception one can take in more art at the Natick Open Studios, in which I am a participant!!

Yes, for most of Saturday and all of Sunday I will be in my studio, chatting with all those wonderful folks that stop by.

I am also so pleased that Eujin Kim Neilan of Uni-T fame is going to sharing my studio with me.  So make sure you come by to see her original paintings as well as her silk screened apparel and accessories.

All these arty events basically guarantee a wonderful weekend, one in which I hope that you can join me.
Thank you and peace ~

Natick Artists Open Studios
October 19 & 20, 2013
noon - 5 pm

Winchell Building Artists Studios,  
25 washington ave.  Natick, Massachusetts
link above for link to map

Saturday, October 12, 2013

'breaking open' is OPEN!!!!!

I have so much to say about these works,
 but for now the photos will tell the story . . .
'to have and to hold', 'womb wrap (uterus), 'raw' and 'random' 
with paintings by Anne Wright Gilson
 'random' (detail) organic crocheting
metamorphosis' - collaborative sculpture 
created with the Dana Hall student body 
in the spring of 2013
'to have and to hold' (detail) 
press release

'tethered and torqued' and 'this is me, a work in progress' 

'to have and to hold', 'metamorphosis' and 'dear jeff'. 
paintings on the wall by Anne Wright Gilson 

'this is me, a work in progress' embroidery on vintage slip

'shiva' acrylic and pencil on arches watercolor paper. 
this painting was started in 2011, at Vermont Studio Center
and finished about hour before delivering it the gallery
'tethered and torqued' and 'breaking free' 
' to have and to hold'  sculptural dress made mostly out of white rubber gloves.

And here is a favorite dressdrawing/quote 
that has motivated me during these past months ~


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

so many gloves so little time . . . .

Here is a little visual teaser about one of the pieces that I am hoping  to exhibit next week  at my two person show, 'breaking open' with Anne Gilson at Fountain Street Fine Art.  
The working title of this piece is 'to have and to hold .  .  .' 
one person's trash is another's treasure or inspiration
I had been wanting to work with rubber gloves for a long time.  It was when I found this metal structure by the side of the road did the idea for this sculpture solidify!
Look Mom, it's a hat!!!
First I wrapped the structure with fabric, tulle and ribbon, in whites, pinks, and creams

and then the attaching began . . . 
and continued . . . 
and continued . . .
I should have bought the gloves in bulk!!
will it ever stop?!?!? not yet
To see the final piece, come to the show ~ opening reception October 19th, 5-7pm.

and yes that is the same weekend 
so come prepared for a weekend of awesome ART!!!