Friday, August 24, 2012

No moss on this stone ~

Now that 8 Visions is up and running I had a moment to look at my calendar and gadzooks ~ 
there is still a lot to be done!! 
what fun!!! 

So to be a little more proactive on announcing up-coming events . . . .

Up-coming show with David Lang at Regis College's Carney Gallery ~ 
Upon Further Consideration
Sept. 1- Oct. 27th
opening reception: Sept. 8th, 4-7pm**
(**this is also the date of the artist's talk at 8 Visions - :)

my contribution to NAOS 2012 Community Art Project/Art on the Common
Natick Artists Open Studios
October 20 & 21, 2012
noon - 5 pm
I will be 'holding court' in my studio at 25 Washington Ave.

an example of my organic crocheting
Jamaica Plains Open Studios
Sept. 22-23, 2012
11 - 6 pm
I am honored to be performing 'insatiable' at JP Knit & Stitch during this open studios.  I will also be leading a workshop on 'organic crocheting' later in the fall at this luscious knit shop - more info to come on the workshop.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

a Quick Peek at 8 Visions

Here are a few 'quick' shots of my pieces in the 8 Visions show at the Attleboro Arts Museum

'black widow' greets you at the door
My camera has a funny time with the lighting in the space so the color is off a bit - something I 'should' be able to fix. . . but alas. For now here is a little taste of the show.

'happily ever after'
The opening reception was a lovely evening - the museum's staff is so wonderful.  And it was such a treat to be able to show a group of my dresses in such a beautiful space and to debut a few pieces.  

'dear jeff' 
One of the pieces shown for the first time is 'dear jeff'.  Last night was especially special because Jeff Gonski, the man who commissioned 'dear jeff',  came to the opening.  

'dear jeff' is a sculpture made from the letters and correspondences that Jeff received from his then girl friend/ fiance and all the cards of sympathy and condolences that he received after he lost his fiance in the events of 9/11.  

This is a hugely emotional dress and this was proven last night as I watched as different people responded to the dress. I am truly thankful to Jeff for giving me the opportunity to work with these memories and for his bravery to share his memories with the world.

'kid gloves'
Also it was nice to be back talking to the gallery visitors about why I do dresses and why I chose the materials that I do, and all those fun questions.  
On that note, the gallery talk for this show - on Sept. 8th 2-4pm.

'lilith in blue'
And an extra perk of last night was that the two final jurors were at the opening as well ~ Seth Rainville,  curator at the New Bedford Art Museum and Bob Totaro, Director of J. Todd Galleries in Wellesley, MA. It was such a pleasure to meet them and talk to them about the jurying process.

'new york diner' dress 
 So this is a quick perusal of my part of 8 Visions ~ more to come (hopefully).  
Thanks to all that came to the opening - it was truly a special evening. 
And thank you to the other artists that were exhibiting last night ~ 
I am honored to be part of such a creative group!
(be sure to check out their websites - their names are links to their sites) 

2012 “8 Visions” Artists:
Patricia Berube – Cohasset, MA
Brenda Cirioni – Stow, MA
Susan Denniston – Scituate, MA
Virginia Fitzgerald – Natick, MA
Sand T Kalloch – Malden, MA
Niva Shrestha – Franklin, MA
Mary L. Taylor – Marshfield Hills, MA
Felicia Touhey – Portsmouth, RI


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If you are in the area of Attleboro . . .

As usual, the day before an opening and I am madly sending out emails, evites and announcements.  

If you are in the area, there are a few places where one could see my work in the next few weeks:

First, there is the 'Birds of Poetry' installation at the Attleboro Public Library

 And then down the street I have 7 pieces in the Attleboro Arts Museum's 8 Visions Exhibit ~ 
(3 of the pieces have never been exhibited before :)

And then this is what it is like to be a daughter of a mom who is working all the time . . .


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

grant application submitted - CHECK

Any other artist out there feeling like the business end of being an artist is exhausting?!? 

Once again I am racing to get a grant submission in before the deadline (today), and each time I do this remember my desire to get better pictures of my work?!??!

This was the first time that I needed to prepare a powerpoint presentation so hopefully I dotted my i's and crossed my t's. 

Below are the 'slides'.

Now off to the next task . . . or maybe a nap?!?!? 
peace to all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8 Visions delivery ~ CHECK!

The day I deliver pieces for a show is usually a bittersweet day for me ~ so excited and relieved that the pieces are safely at the gallery, and yet I am also sad that the creating is done, at least for a time. Now is the time I must turn my attention to other matters that I have been ignoring, like, publicity & press for the show, and everything else in my life!!!

The days and weeks before a big show I get so focused about what I need to do that the rest of my life goes on hold (nice).  In fact for last 4-5 days I basically lived in my studio, spending long and late hours working & I LOVED it.  Every so often I would start to worry that I am becoming a true studio hermit ~ but then I could see no down side of that life :) (though, my girls might!)

delivered dresses waiting to be set up
'happily ever after' set-up at the South Shore Art Center, last year
During this crunch time I also get a billion of other ideas that I want to make for the pending show ~ crazy I know!!! This time I had a great friend counseling me away from the 'edge of starting all these new wonderful project' and to just finish the pieces that are almost done and need to be finished.  And for this friend I am truly grateful!!!

'lilith in blue'  with panel painting behind
So now these babies are out of my hands and into the world. 
Three of them will be debuting at 8 Visions & then there are some old faithfuls.   
Many of the pieces have 'stories' that I plan to share here in later posts, 
but for now I must attend to the matter of telling people about the show and getting them to come.
So feel free to spread the word!! :)

'kid gloves' ~ a small dress made out of broken eggshells sitting in a nest made of white/cream ribbons and being 'held' by old kid gloves that David A. Lang found for me on his endless travels.
'provocative' (rope dress)
'black widow' vcr tape dress
So on that note, here is the 411 about the show ~ 
8 Visions – Work from 8 Juried Member Artists
Exhibition: August 21 – September 15, 2012
Opening Reception: Wednesday, Aug 22nd from 7 – 9pm. Free and open to the public.
Saturday, Sept 8th: Gallery Talk, 2-4pm.  Free and open to the public. Kindly reserve your space by Thursday, September 6th. 508-222-2644  
- peace -