who is virginia fitzgerald? (artist statement)

'mending meditation . . . one' 2015
virginia fitzgerald is a multi-media artist, who works in sculpture, fiber arts, illustration & design, photography, painting and more.  for fitzgerald there is no division between her art and her life.  for years she has created and crafted her art with everyday objects, in the course of her everyday routine.  much of fitzgerald’s work breaks open aspects of the feminine experience within the universal human experience, using iconic imagery and the detritus from her daily life and surroundings.

fitzgerald was born in chicago, il where, at an early age, she was introduced to the colors and freedom of the impressionists at the art institute of chicago. she received her bfa from kenyon college in ohio. there she concentrated in printmaking and soft sculpture/fiber arts. after graduation she moved around for many years, living in los angeles, iowa city, chicago, the netherlands and new york before settling in the boston area. during her nomadic years she studied at such institutions as the school of the art institute of chicago, the school of visual arts in new york and the school of the museum of fine arts. when she moved to boston she continued her freelance illustration business, however soon returned to her studio practice which exploded in 2006, with her discovery of the iconic image of the dress, and fitzgerald’s ‘dressproject’ was born. 

'black widow . . .' (vcr tape dress) 2007

fitzgerald is committed to making people think, to making people question.  through her work, she strives to inspire people to see the possibilities for themselves and the larger community. as an artist she is dedicated to making art that is provocative, that makes the viewer stop and think, art that will prompt a reexamination of an idea or belief. she is a champion of passion, individuality and inspiration. fitzgerald works and lives outside boston and is constantly observing and learning with her two daughters and trusty dog, in a house full of love and creativity.

virginia fitzgerald is a 'glass - half - full' woman, who loves  her amazing daughters, strong coffee with lots of milk, the smell of rain and grass stains, red wine, flitty skirts, libraries, yoga, poetry, creating, passion and her trusty cohort in crime, her dog, scruffy.
she is the energy behind the'dressproject', the blog dailydress inspirations, the series #fromthelandofdragons, #thekichentableseries & much more.  check out the links and different social media sites to see what she is up to . . . peace

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