Tuesday, October 11, 2016

WATCH THIS!!!! it makes me smile

As we here, in the USA, approach one of our most critical elections of our history, and the political climate and rhetoric feels nastier and nastier,
I wanted to share this wonderful video!!!

I have caught myself watching it repetitively as it makes me smile and it gives me hope, since I remember 8 years ago electing the first black president wasn't a guarantee.  But Obama was elected and I am so proud that he was our country's commander in chief to guide this country out of some perilous situations.  He was handed a sinking quagmire and he lead our country with strength, respect, humor and so much more.  

I am a firm believer in the idea that people learn by example, by what they see more than what they are told, and I have watched Obama lead with such class and intelligence. It heartens me to know that his demeanor and faith in the good of everyone is what the world sees.  He is a role model for all, and I am so sorry to see him go, as is the producer of this video.  

Here is the 'backstory' of this video (published on Oct 7, 2016):

Because of the lyrics of the song "Don't Go" by Jon Tarifa, Spiros Lena was inspired to make a tribute video for the coolest President the world has ever seen!
Artist: Jon Tarifa
Video by Spiros Lena

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's time for some Mid-Century cocktail fun ...

Come join the festivities as Renew debuts their back-room boutique, 'The Daily Dress" :), and help support Wonder Woman, Carol Chaoui and her continual fund raising efforts for the Dana-Farber Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Fund. 
Come see all the wonderful vintage garments that the Renew staff have collected, and that I had the pleasure of highlighting in Renew's newest window displays.

In the first set of windows I celebrated the clean lines of Mid-Century Modern style, by creating these painted panels of MCM fashion models and pairing them the beautifully designed furniture and housewares.

For the second set of windows, playing off the rocket ship that is in those windows, I went with the 'Lost in Space' look, painting Penny Robinson.  Also in these windows is a lovely stunning sculpture by the lovely and talented Karin Stanley, which works so well with the outer space feel.

product photo: virginiafitzgerald

product photo: virginiafitzgerald
So stop by tomorrow evening for an evening of fun, fashion, style, art, design and cocktails. 
Come imagine yourself walking into the world of Madmen. It will be an evening not to be missed!

Monday, September 19, 2016

pattern camp weekly challenge: forest

© virginiafitzgerald 2016
Some of you may remember that this summer I won a scholarship to Jessica Swift's Patterncamp, which was a weekend long 'bootcamp' for pattern design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  It was an amazing weekend!!! though the expression, 'drinking from a firehose' really captures the experience.

© virginiafitzgerald 2016
There was A LOT of information shared within the 48 hours, but luckily you have many opportunities to continue to learn and practice.

© virginiafitzgerald 2016

One of these opportunities is every week Jessica offers all campers, past and current, a pattern challenge theme with which to create new patterns which you can then share with the PC community.  I have been able to participate every few weeks, but I love it when my schedule allows, as the weekly challenges helps me to hone my new skills and I can get feedback from fellow campers.  It is one of the many benefits of patterncamp.

original postit pattern
For last week's theme: forest, I created two patterns, in a variety of different color ways .  The pattern of 'just trees' I did in Adobe Illustrator, a program that is very new to me.  The bird pattern was done with Adobe Photoshop, the program with which I am very comfortable.  For this pattern I started with a painting from my #30daysofpatternstudies that I did last February with Francisca Nunes(click here to read more about my adventures in patterns on post-its.)
© virginiafitzgerald 2016

© virginiafitzgerald 2016
The next bootcamp weekend is in October, some info and links to the class are below.  I highly recommend taking this online course if you are interested in pattern design.

Jessica is a great and patient teacher.  She is a working pattern designer and illustrator so she has real life experiences to share.  The bootcamp is a great survey of many aspects of putting a design into repeat, AND you become part of a wonderful community of like mind pattern obsessed folks!!!

Though beware ... it can be HIGHLY addictive!!!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Today 10% off and free shipping at Society6

'for the love of reading ...' tote bag 
This weekend I have added a few more images to my Society6 shop, one of them being the long awaited books illustration, which I have called, 'for the love of reading ...'
click here to go to my Society6 shop
Also this weekend they are having a 10% off everything sale so I thought I'd share some of the links!!
For those who haven't heard of Society6 it is a site where artists can upload their artwork and then the customers can order the artwork on a variety of products, such as mugs, towels, iPhone cases, etc.... then the artist gets a percentage of all sales with their artwork.(I have posted their official description of the site below.)

One of the aspects I love about this site is that the products are only produced when ordered!! (to me it feels like there is less waste?!?)

Also since 'opening' my shop I have ordered a number of the products to check the quality of the product as well as the caliber of the reproduction of the art, and I must say that I have been very happy with both! One of my personal favorites is their beach towels!!! I ordered the 'pink flower power' design and I was blown away by the size and boldness of the colors!! and it is a great weight and it is so soft!!! I have been using it more as a throw blanket than a towel :)
So check out Society6 and take advantage of today's sale. I would LOVE to hear what you think of the site, if you are as happy with the quality as I am and/or if you had a bad experience!!  I am still learning and would love all feedback!! 
Also besides the 10% off and free shipping sale, supposely if you use this link you will get $10. off your order as well.
some of the designs available on tote bags 

Monday, August 29, 2016

#100 days of motherlove

This past weekend I delivered my eldest to the University of Delaware to begin her next amazing adventure.  
It was a huge day; a full day, of excitement, trepidation, exhaustion, nostalgia, worry, celebration, sweat and some tears.  

But isn't this what we, as parents want, to have nourished and fortified our children, preparing to launch them on their personal adventure? 

That was the idea that stayed with me the most as I helped Maya unroll an area rug in her dorm room.  Here I was, living a day that I had dreaded because I thought I'd be a blubbering mess, however I was more proud than sad, more excited for Maya than anxious.  

So when the time came for me and her sister to head back home I didn't weep, I welled up a bit, but it all felt right.  
I am really happy with the college that Maya choose; Newark seems like a manageable town and her roommate is truly lovely.  
What more can a mother ask for?  
(granted, I have also gathered as many the guardian angels that I can to be with her and protect her) 

So I felt ok as I drove north, except for the fact that I had not given her all the advice that I wanted to give her.  

When she graduated I had started a 'book' full of advice; some obvious, some unique to me, some recipes and family secrets, some reflections, many quotes and other nuggets of knowledge that I wanted to send along with her.  
But thanks to life, commitments and my desire to create the 'perfect' book, 
the book was never created; 
it was started, but never finished. 

But somewhere in the middle of New Jersey it dawned on me that she can ALWAYS use motherly advise (can't we all), and that maybe doing it in a different format than a book may work better for us both!! 
Also during the past week, as Maya's departure loomed larger and larger, I stumbled upon Elle Luna's book, 
while last minute college shopping at Urban Outfitters. 

I knew of Elle Luna and had seriously considered participating in her #100daysproject but hadn't yet, so I picked it up this beautiful book and took a peak.  
"In my own life, I've found that things appear at the ideal time.
Not before. And not after. Consider the possibility that this book
made its way into your hands because you wanted it to." pg. xi

This was first page I read ... 

I bought the book and dove in.
This book is about dreams; 'must' over 'should'; just doing; following your passions; 
a journey that I fervently believe in and one which I wholeheartedly want my daughters to follow.  
This book talks about all the possible pitfalls and/or sucesses that come from following your inner voice, but that in the end it is the only choice that will make one feel alive.
So with Elle Luna's words empowering me and the knowledge of how she found her must by creating a 100days project, I decided that I will parcel off my thoughts and advice to Maya over the next 100 days.
 I am going to start my own personal 100 day project, sharing my thoughts and advice with my daughter as she embarks on this new chapter of her personal journey.
 I will post said nuggets on my 'dailydressproject' blog, now called #100daysofmotherlove. 

And even though I love!! the idea of a book, when I really think about the receipiant, a child of the computer age, posting on a blog seems more appropriate.  
In fact most likely I should do this all on tumblr ... but I don't know how. 

But first, let me start by saying how ultimately proud I am of my eldest, navigating her first 18 years as a bushwhacker, teaching her parents what it means to parent, and as an ambassador for her little sister, and surviving.  
When Maya entered this world I knew that she was/is an old soul. She knows much and has much to learn.  So I offer these 100 posts as some guidelines, sign posts, suggestions.  I don't have answers but, I do have passions and dreams and some experience which I want to share. 
And to Maya,
Buckle up, travel safe!!!  
love you more!!!! Mom!!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bye bye June .... it was grand!

June .... a month of inspiration, celebration, observation, illustration and pattern!!! 

First, my eldest turned 18!!! graduated high school and is heading to college?!?!

a show featuring: Maryjean Viano Crowe, Lesia Sochor and yours truly!

 I received samples of an illustration job and loved seeing my work on a product! 

Also sampled more of my wares from society6 !! I have been SO happy 
with the quality of each product that I have received, I have been adding more and more designs, so make sure you check out my society6 shop!!

And I wrapped up June by throwing my hat into the ring to win
a scholarship to Jessica Swift's patterncamp ...

The contestants were given 3 rounds of pattern challenges ~

round1: find patterns in nature 
round 2: find patterns around the house 

round 3: make a pattern out of objects around the house. 

for this round I discovered repeating the pattern in my iPhone app, layout, and I went a bit crazy!!! 

 And I won!!!  
I won a space in @patterncamp!!!! 
 and was reminded how much I love/think/live pattern!!!
note the pattern on the vessel that I create for
 the window display I did for Renew Arts & Industry ... 

And now on to July!!!
Thank u for sharing this wonderful month with me!!!
Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.  John Lennon

Saturday, June 25, 2016

It is summertime and that means .... ART time!!!!

Last year I had the pleasure of being one of the guest artists for Potato Hill Poetry's Creative Writing Kids program,
 here in Natick, and I had so much fun.  

And I guess the kids had fun too as I have been invited back to do art with the kids this summer!!! 
Andrew Green in a school
The program is run by poet Andrew Green
the talent and inspiration of Potato Hill Poetry! 

"Andrew Green is a poet, writer, and teacher who works with students and teachers in schools throughout New England, offering writing and poetry workshops. He founded Potato Hill Poetry in 1995." 
'such a good thing . . .' Collage from bits & piece found on my kitchen table ©2015
Last year I lead the group in creating collage. I showed them some of my collage work, my 'home, sweet, home' series as well as some of my collages from my #ICAD2015 project. 

I explained the similarities of collage and writing, each taking parts (writing/words, collage images) how, to create a new worlds, emotions, in fact stories. 

'there is no place like home, andy ...' ©2016 

They created some wonderful pictures using my basket of tricks ... catalogs, magazines and other detritus of the day. 
collage from last year's program

This summer I plan to mix it up a bit!!! 
Definitely do the magazine based collage!
Eric Carle inspired dress ©2013
But we will also doing creating a tissue paper based collage ~ a nod to the amazing Eric Carle.  

While I was visiting the The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art  I learned how to do these collages and i am excited to share.

And I also want to explore the amazing world of Zentangle with the group.  New to it myself, I find it a wonderful meditative practice which I find very inspiring!!! 

I believe there are still some spots available, depending on the week.  
I have included the sign-up form below or you can click here: 

And check back here to see what these creative kiddos create, 
I plan to take more pictures this year.  


Friday, June 3, 2016

Tonight, some of my girls are holding court in Rockland, ME

'artist from the blue moon ...'/
'black widow ..'
'provocative ...' holding court 
review of "WHAT YOU SEE ..."
This week I took a mini road trip to deliver some of my work up north, where I had the pleasure to meet Jana Hawick and see her beautiful gallery, Carver Hill Gallery, in the artsy coastal town of Rockland, ME.  

Last month three of my 'lilith contemplating ...' photographs were part of Carver Hill's season opening exhibit, "WHAT YOU SEE".  An engaging collection of 'digital and photographic compositions from 7 artist including Sharon Arnold, Craig Becker, Nadine Boughton, Virginia Fitzgerald, Seth Lester, Elizabeth Opalenik, Agnes Riverin.' 

This show received a wonderful review by Daniel Kany for the Portland Press Herald (click here for more info)

And this month I am so honored to be included in Carver Hill's exhibit FEMMetonymy,  which opens tonight!! and runs through June 28th.  

the catalog for the exhibit

“FEMMetonymy,” a show featuring:
Maryjean Viano Crowe, Virginia Fitzgerald and Lesia Sochor.

I am honored to be part of this provocative exhibition.  I have contributed many pieces from my 'dressproject'; sculptures, large and small, and numerous collages. 

'precious ...' and 'bird by bird ...'

  In gathering the collage pieces I realized that I have three different collage series: 'home, sweet, home?!? ' (2012), 'la petite robe ...' (2012) and the newest collage series, 'alice ...' All of the series start with images of picture perfect environments from catalogs and magazine, to which I add a surreal touch and usually a dress or two.  ' we are all mad here ...' is the first of that series and is debuting tonight.
'we are all mad here ...'

The sculptures in this exhibit are  some of the 'dressproject's stars!!! 

'provocative ...' is holding court at the front of the gallery, strong and straight.  

'black widow ...' is standing tall by the gallery's desk, accompanied by 'artist from the blue moon ...' on her right. 

'this is me, a work in progress ...'

I am so happy to be showing 'this is me, a work in progress ...' in such a lovely space, and there is the room for her to be viewed from all sides, showing off all her spots of embroidery.  

'this is me, a work in progress ...' detail

'red warrior ...' and 'precious ...' also made the trip making this a good representation of my 'dressproject'.  

Lastly Carver Hill is offering for sale my book, 'the dressproject, the beginning ...' allowing anyone to learn how my obsession with the dress began.
'red warrior ...' , 'black widow ...' (in the background)

So if you are in the area, make sure to drop by the gallery.  

And if you are not in the area, then it is time for a road trip!!!  
'provocative ...' 

'lilith contemplates sanctuary ...'/
'lilith contemplates cutting the grass ...'

Show / gallery details:

FEMMetonymy opens on First Friday, June 3, 2016 from 5 – 8 PM and runs through June 28.

Gallery Hours

MAY 27 through the summer
Mon through Sat ~ 10:30 - 5
Sun ~ 11 - 3

 'follow your art!'