Friday, June 16, 2017

what I'm doing this summer ...

Note the awesome starbucks frappuccino including straw!!!
And the bright & colorful collage that matches her bracelets!!!
Note the top collage skyline with pavement made out of text!! 

The lower left shows the collaged book cover of the journal 

that they use during the week!!! And see how the collaged character 
is wearing the same shirt as the artist!!! 
How I LOVE summer camp!!! I mean what is not to love??? 
long warm days, with friends, arts and crafts?!?!? 
So I am SO happy to say that I have been invited to be a guest artist
 at Potato Hill Poetry's Creative Writing Program for the third year in a row!! (happy dance)
(the 2 above photos are from last summer ...)
click here to register
poet/teacher/writer, Andrew Green.
reception card book- in progress
made of art gallery announcements 

For the past sessions I have lead these wonderfully creative campers in collage, drawing and Zentangle and this year I am planning to make some books, one of my newer obsessions.

spread from reception card book - in progress
So if you are in the area Metrowest/Natick area and you have a little writer on your hands, definitely check out this program.  It is an inspiring way to spend some of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.
a camper's collage from 2 summers ago

Thursday, June 15, 2017

'There is no such thing as bad publicity' ...

I was totally shocked to see that the first lady wore 'black widow ...' 
a sculpture that I created in 2008, made out of vcr tape?!?!

No wait, someone photoshopped Melania into my sculpture?!?
this 'article' is on a satirical site called, Opposite Views.
To read about the real 'black widow ...' (aka the vcr tape dress) and the story behind her creation,
click here:
'cause this gal has quite a story!!

and tell me your thoughts?!?! is there no such thing as bad publicity???
I'd love to hear what YOU think. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

'dailydresses' go to the mall ....

top left: 'beach muse ...' ; top right: 'from the ground up...'
lower left: 'wedding dress...' ; lower right: 'on thin ice ...' 

Last week I did the finishing touches to my window display at Uni-T at the Natick Mall. I dropped off a number of photographs from my #dailydressseries.  Each photo is in a 8x10 mat, and can be shown as is or popped into a frame for yourself or as a gift.

These are smaller version of the #dailydresses that are accompanying 'torqued and tethered ...' in Uni-T's shop window.

Uni-T also has a good selection of notecards from my dailydress series, the ever growing collection of ephemeral dresses made during my everyday journey.  Click here to purchase these notecards from Uni-T's online shop and to see more more of my #dailydresses, as they are created, check out my instagram feed, virginiacreates.