Tuesday, February 19, 2013

new series: subscription cards

Last week my life took a swift turn as my father had a serious surgery and I ended flying to Phoenix to help. Even though I brought my bag full of tricks - needle and thread, crochet hook, I have turned to another one of my recent obsessions : subscription cards.


This series began last year when I was in the throws of my divorce and consequential move. It was a very stressful time and I didn't have any time to go to my studio, so I suddenly  began to obsessively draw on subscription cards, easily found and a convenient  size ~ any doctor's waiting room and fits into my purse.



People questioned my choice of subscription cards - couldn't I just as easily do these drawing on better paper?!? Well when I worked on plain paper it wasn't the same. The  subscription card gives me a structure  to work with.  


Also, I liked the idea of working with an item which annoyed many and that most people just toss. This was the same attraction that brought me to my bottle cap jewelry business, many moons ago. And as happened with the bottle-caps is happening with the cards, as I start collecting subscription cards I notice the vast variety, some with wonderful colors, designs and graphics. When I draw on each card I incorporate these elements in the larger design.  As with so much of my work, I view the card as a puzzle to solve, how do I make the card work as a whole.  However, also allowing an intuitive, organic approach to the drawing. This is the similar theory behind my 'creatures'. 


Since arriving in Phoenix I have been busily and obsessively working on cards?!?! I'm not sure where they are going, but I KNOW I need to do them.  But I wonder - are they pieces on their own, springboards for other pieces or just a way for me to stay sane?!?! My thought is that they are all of the above!!

While here I have also experimented with using the cards to make transfers (thanks to Cheri Clinton's workshop)  and see many a possibility!!!

So here are some of these obsessions - putting them out into the cyber world. If u have thoughts or suggestions I am curious to hear them, if you so desire.  Now back to the current card!! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from the West

This is the valentine that I made for my dad.    

follow your heart

A valentine's greeting from Phoenix! As some of you might know I'm here to help care for my father who had an unplanned & serious surgery last week. And I am happy to say that he is improving & we are now settling him into a rehab center. 

However with all the hustle and bustle of care-taking this valentine's greeting is more of an evening felicitation since I'm on mountain time. Meaning this may be seen by many on Friday! 

But whenever this post is seen, the intention is still true and timely ~  
wish you a day of love and kindness and friendship! 

Happy, happy Valentine's Day/night/year!!!!!

~ peace ~

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Creatures are out and about again

This Tuesday is the opening of Fashion and Fiberarts at the Dana Hall School gallery, Wellesley, MA.  

I am honored to announce that I am part of this group show, in the prestigious company of Sara Campbell, Tia Pinney and Merill Comeau.

For this exhibit they are showing some work from both 'the dress project' ~ 'lilith' and 'emily' and my creatures. 'insatiable' is also making an appearance and I plan to spend some time with the Dana students feeding the beast.

Information about the opening and the show is below.


Always excited to exhibit my creatures as I leave it to the curator to decide how and where they will be hung/exhibited/placed.  Can't wait to see the show!!! Peace

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Snow Day!!!

bring on the SNOW!!!!
If you follow my blog you will know that I love snow days.  The entire concept ~ the need to hunker down with friends and family, the proverbial ' get out of jail free card' for your day.  

I have a very fond memory of a snow day freshman year, where a bunch of us camped out in a friend's dorm room and friends would stop by with food and settle down into the group. There was just such a lovely sense of calm and kinship - no where to go, nothing to do.

it is amazing to me that these
small, gentle crystals can cause so much stress and chaos

So here is Boston we have been granted basically a city wide snow day.  School was cancelled last night!! which I loved because then we could all sleep in and not be anxiously waiting for the phone to ring at 5:30AM!!! Only problem for me was that my dog didn't get the memo!!!  So for today we have been given this gift of time and togetherness. 

Now I know how blessed I am to know that my girls are safe (still sleeping in their warm beds) and that I have a warm, dry house, and that my kitchen is basically well stocked (coffee ~ check, milk ~ check).  We have electricity at this point and I live in a wonderful neighbor of helpful and kind folks - so the pending storm is not rocking my world too much. 

The only nuisance it caused me was how and when I can fly out to see my father and mother, since my dad had an unplanned and major surgery this week.  But after 60 minutes on hold with Jet Blue, the plan is that I fly out on Sunday, apres le storm, and words from the hospital is that my dad is doing OK.
my dad pulling my brother and me thru
the snowy streets of Chicago
It is with my dear recuperating dad in mind that I added this second illustration: another one of my favorite snow day memories - being pulled by my dad through the shut-down city streets of Chicago during a blizzard.  Click here for the blog with the full story.
So as we watch the snow pile up, and the girls and I are given this gift of time, two of us thought that this is a good day to BLOG!!  Yes,  I am proud to announce that my daughter, Harriet, is following in my blogging footsteps - she and a friend have set up a blog for their writing!!! (so proud, so proud!!)

my sweet blogger

So if you have a moment and want something good and quick to read, check out her blog!! And if you feel so inclined - leave a comment!!! As we all do - she LOVES the comments!! The address is (if you are curious): www.hkatewriting.blogspot.com.

And if you are affected by the snow or not - 
wishing you have a super, fun, cozy and safe day/weekend!!
dresstag placed yesterday with the message 'may this dress bring you safe travels'