Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going out with a BANG!!!!

As the saying goes all good things must come to an end.  And so it is for "Upon Further Consideration: what tells a story", my exhibition with David Lang at the Carney Gallery, Regis College, Weston, MA.  But we are not going quietly :) 

Tomorrow afternoon David and I will be conducting a gallery talk which will then lead to a closing reception.  So we would love to have all come and help us toast out our latest creative endeavor!! 

artists' talk ~ 4:00pm
reception to follow

Also some pieces have been added since the opening AND some pieces will be going back to their private homes.  'dear jeff', which is the commissioned by a man who lost his fiance in 9/11, is now part of the exhibit at Regis, for all those who could not make it down to Attleboro Arts Museum.  Another new piece that was in Attleboro's 8 Vision is 'kid gloves'.  And 'in memory of . . .' will be heading back to her owners, who kindly let me show her for this exhibition, thank you Bill and Joe!! 


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Traveling dresses and dates to SAVE!!!

Just to keep everyone up to date 
(there seems to be  A LOT going on right now!!! :)
~ here are a few announcements from the studio ~ 
Persephone's dress
don't slip
eat your vegetables

clementine dress
 Just sent these pieces off to the Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh, NY for their Yumilicious! exhibit. 

 This was the first time that I printed 'don't slip' and 'Persephone's dress' as large photographs which is always exciting.  And while placing my printing order I decided to throw in 'sizzzzle' which I will be showing this weekend at Open studios!!

Yes, save the date, mark your calendar ~ 
this weekend is Natick Artist's Open Studios!!! 
The excitement and craziness is growing in the Natick Artist community 
as we all dig out our studios, trying to make it navigable for our visitors.

I will be camped out in my wonderful studio at 
There hopefully will be many balloons guiding the way. 
I am planning to have dresscards, dressmats, dresstags and 
my new series of collages, as well as other interesting artistic adventures.  

And remember you can ALWAYS bring some green/brownish fiber like material to add to 'insatiable'  When I was performing her at JP Knits for their Yarn Crawl people came in with lots of items.  One family came in with old soccer socks which we cut into strips and added to the beast.  It was such fun ~ all three siblings, ranging ages 4 -10, were nestled in to the couch, crocheting and NOT wanting to go :) 
And lastly ~ 


for 'Upon Further Consideration' at Regis College, 
on Friday, October 26th, 
David Lang and I will be hosting a closing reception.  

There is also supposed to be a gallery talk that afternoon so the finer details will be coming.  So if you have not seen the show and needed an extra reason to go - you now have a the reason ~ a party!!

Hope to see you at one of these arty occasions!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Exciting new work from the Studios of Virginia Fitzgerald

(now for the post that i was writing when i realized the past post, from June, hadnot even been published!!! :)

'mirror, mirror' mixed media collage on panel

These past few weeks have been super full, which is befitting for September, with the usual starting of a new school year. And to add to the excitement, I just added a few big gallery shows, a couple performances and an open studio or two, keeping me 'out of trouble'.

Lots of good things have been going on ~ meeting new people, learning new techniques and creating a  new series of collages ~ all good, but I must confess I really miss writing my blog.  Even with my quick update on my Facebook artist's page, I miss how the act of writing my blog helps me to flesh out my current projects and artistic going-ons.  I realize that this blog is an important record for me about what is important in my artistic journey, and hopefully others enjoy reading it as well.   

So with that revelation in mind I here is a 'quick' post about my newest series and where you can find one of these pieces.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post (the lost  post), I am part of Fountain Street Fine Arts' CSArt ~ and as I have been exploring what my CSArt pieces will be I created these mixed media collages ~ one is pictured at the beginning of this post. These collages don't exactly fit the criteria for the CSArt but I am SO, sO, So excited about the pieces as their own series!!! 

I see the series as a natural continuation of The Dress Project. The pieces speak to many issues that I am deal with in The Dress Project, especially the demands of certain societal expectations.  And this work is 2D which gives me some ability to show it in more places.  But most of all I LOVE to create these surreal worlds.

One of the first places where the series is debuting is at the Attleboro Arts Museum for their 21st Benefit Art Auction.  And they have set up an online auction so even those who are far away can view, bid and possibly win my newest work ~ see info below for online auction.

The piece I donated is called, 'there's no place like home, andy'.  It is a mixed media collage on paper and measures 5x7" with an 8x10" mat.  The dress and hanger are separate pieces that I have created then sewn onto the piece.  This detail picture gives you a sense of the dimensionally of the work.

'there's no place like home, andy'
I am truly intoxicated by this series and have been working on paper and on panels.  I hope/plan to have a few at this weekends Natick Open Studios - but to do that I need to go work on them.  So . . . I must run.  

Check out the Attleboro Online Auction, here is the direct link to my piece.  And thank you for visiting my blog!! peace.

You can now view the
Attleboro Arts Museum's
2012 Benefit Art Auction Items

The Attleboro Arts Museum's Benefit Art Auction is the Museum's  
largest fundraising event of the year.  Proceeds from the auction  
fund colorful and innovative arts programs for all levels of artists  
and art students and a range of exhibitions.   

You can now view (and place bids on) our handsome offering  
of auction items by visiting either:

The Museum: actual auction items are on display through  
November 1, 2012.  86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703.  
Tues - Sat, 10am - 5pm. 


Our online auction website through October 31, 2012:   


Tickets are now on sale for the live auction event:
Saturday, November 3, 2012 Tickets: $35 in advance;  
$40 at the door.   
  Each ticket includes wine, beer and hors d'oeuvres
  Doors open at 5:30pm
  Buffet from 5:30 - 6:30pm; beverages available all evening
  Live auction begins at 7pm
Attleboro Arts Museum
86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703  
To order tickets: 508-222-2644 x13 or  


Endless thanks to our valued 2012 auction sponsors:  

Headline Sponsors
City Spirits; Fine Catering by Russell Morin; Rockland Trust; Sensata Technologies;
The Sun Chronicle
Partner Sponsors 
Anawon Trust/Bristol County Savings Bank; Collins, Smith & O'Connor, LLP;
Mansfield Bank; Barbara and Peter Ottmar
Friend Sponsors
Bliss Bros. Dairy; Castro, Thresher & Oliveira, PC; Willow Tree Farm

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have the vision to recognize a good thing . . .

while writing a new blog a came to realize that I don't think this one ever got posted?!? so if that is the case - here is a post written a few months ago . . .

lucky penny
I am happy to announce that I am one of the 6 participating artists in 
Fountain Street Fine Art's recent endeavor ~ 

This is a inspired way to collect some 
great, original ART 
at easy on your wallet prices :).  

The idea is similiar to Community Supported Agriculture but instead of getting shares of a garden's output you get a share of a gallery's selected artist's output.  

Below you will find a more thorough description of this program, as well as links to each artists' web/blog and a special CSArt blog with artist's statements and more. (click here for my page)

I have been very excited about this prospect from the first time I was ask to participate.  
My mind has been spinning with different ideas for my 'share' of the 'shares'.  

One of the circling thoughts is to make individual Daily Dresses pieces, not in a book :0 (say it isn't so).  Many people have suggested that I should take my daily dress journals apart so that each piece can stand on its own.  I can't imagine doing that, BUT I have been playing with the idea of making these mixed~media snapshots of my daily going-on on separate pieces of paper or board?!?!
'dress of installation' (6/3/12) mixed media on mdf
I experimented this weekend with the detritus of a day that I helped a friend install a sign.  I call this piece, 'dress of installation'. The jury is still out about how I feel about if these pieces can stand on their own?!?! 
But I do like the idea of some kind of mixed media piece for the CSArt.

marker on mdf ~ medium density fiberboard
I have also thought about pulling out my inks, rollers and brayers and do a woodcut or such!?!? or drawings or little dress collages ~ the possibilities are endless. 
But as u can tell this idea of creating a special treasure  for the lucky share holders  thrills  me    !!!!  
strata ~ mixed media on canvas
So if you have thought about investing in 'local' artists, 

or want to ‘grow’ you art collection ~ 

this is 
for you!!*
(*you will al$o be helping out some wonderful & worthy artists)

Community Supported ART (CSArt@FSFA)
Many local residents are familiar with community-supported agriculture, (CSA) a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, many arts organizations have started a similar endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors.  Fountain Street Fine Art is starting its own CSArt to put original art from the hands of local artists into the hands of thirty lucky locals!
 CSArt@FSFA is modeled on wildly popular programs throughout the country, including a successful Art CSA program adopted last year by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. 
The six artists participating in this year’s CSArt@FSFA are Lisa BarthelsonCheryl ClintonMarie CraigVirginia FitzgeraldKay Hartung, and Jeanne Williamson, all Core and Associate members of the gallery. Find out more about the artists at

Here’s how the CSArt@FSFA works:

-Each Share costs $360.  ONLY 30 shares will be sold, to keep the quality high.  
-Each shareholder will receive six works of art at an "Art Harvest" party in the fall, one by each of 6 different artists.
-Each work of art will be a unique, signed original piece. Artists will decide what to make; each piece will be about 12x12 inches or smaller.

Shares are selling at a steady pace, and will be available through the end of June (to allow the artists plenty of time to create the work) or until sold out.

We've attached a press release and FAQ with more information, as well as jpegs of example pieces by our participating artists. Please contact us for additional photos of the artists at work and examples of their art.

Thank you,
Marie and Cherie