virginia fitzgerald art for sale ....

... prices and info about pieces that may interest you & thank you!

in response to some lovely enquiries, via the internet, I figured it would helpful to post some information about some of my art that is out and about in the world and that be purchased ~if you are interested please email me at or leave a comment on this blog and I will contact you.  For your convenience,  I do take paypal.

at the Starbucks on Main st in Wellesley ...
framed photos, printed with archival inks on photo paper
'blues of renew ... ' photo(5x7) frame (8x10) ...$45.00

'adrift ...' photo(8x10) frame (11x14) ...$65.00

'summertime, NH ...' 'adrift ...' photo(8x10) frame (11x14) ...$65.00

'raspberries ...' farmer's market series
 photo(8x10) frame (11x14) ...$65.00

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