Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time for a refresher course...

As I was waiting in a doctor's waiting room with the omni-present, always-on TV, our commander-in-chief was seemingly bullying our congress about his desired surveillance bill with the immunity for the telecommunication companies. He stressed that to 'keep America safe' we need to give these companies immunity and continue the domestic surveillance of telecommunications and emails. As I listened, I saw our constitution fade a little farther into oblivion. This spurred a dress idea … a torn and tattered dress out of our constitution, a dress that has been through an attack or rape. Upon returning home I ran to the computer to do a little research of our country's constitution and found this interesting website which shows the constitution as well as laymen’s descriptions of what the articles and amendments mean. As I found this interesting and a nice refresher course in US history, I thought I'd share ~ A Roadmap to the United States Constitution . It might be a good time to refresh ourselves with this document. peace.

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