Tuesday, September 16, 2008

back to the beach....

As summer was ending and the hustle~bustle of the school year was upon me I had to escape to the ocean one last time. So my family and I headed to the beautiful Duxbury beach for a relaxing day in the sun – or so I thought.

When my youngest wanted to beach~comb I was eager to join her & we started off in search of ‘bird’ stones. But no sooner had I started to scan the beach helping her in her quest, than I experienced the burning desire to make a dress. So as my daughter was off in one pile finding the perfect rock to be a bird, I was off in another pile finding the perfect rocks to create my dress. It was a much needed project – back where the Dress Project started ~ on the beach, feeling the same authentic impulses and desires that I had on Wells Beach in Maine over two years ago. It was a validating feeling – there is something about the dress form which touches a deep place in me. I love to figure out what material will make the dress. At Duxbury I was first attracted to the different shades of green rocks. Then I love to see how the form takes shape, what special object will be over the belly or over the heart.

I am entering the third year of working with the dress form & I see myself expanding the idea…I see the dress more as a vessel, a container, a receptacle. Just this week I dreamt that the dress is a doorway!! A doorway to where I wonder??? I am excited about the journey that lays ahead of me and curious about where the work will go. But I was so happy to be back on the beach, working with my old faithful dress form again on a beautiful late summer day!! Peace~


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