Saturday, October 18, 2008

the glory of fall!!!

New England is famous for its spectacular fall colors and this fall has been amazingly beautiful! So even though this month has been a bit of a crazy for me I had to stop and make a dress.

It started as I was running some errands in downtown Natick and I came across these stunning red maple leaves with these distinct yellow veins. I couldn’t pass them up! So I gathered them up to make a red dress. I asked my oldest to help me collect some more red leaves and she became enamored with these striking yellow leaves. To compliment the palette I added the spectacular red leaves of the burning bush. As the dress emerged it felt like a flirty party dress so I kept it strapless.

In creating this dress, I realized one of the delights of the Dress Project for me is having a vehicle with which I can highlight different details of everyday life that maybe overlooked. I can draw attention to the beauty of the fall foliage or the exquisiteness of VCR tape or the elegance of broken eggshells. Some of these details will be on display at the show at the Dana Hall School, Wellesley. The opening of that show is this Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 5:00-7:30. More details below or on Dana Hall's web page. Peace!


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