Monday, February 2, 2009

IV bags, anyone???

There is a dress that has been kicking around my studio and my head. As i have been designing it out in my head i have decided that i want to use IV bags in the dress. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get empty IV bags for cheap??? I have been searching on line & they seem quite pricey. I don't need sterile bags - I just would like clear iv looking bags - any suggestion would be SOOOOOOOoooooooooo appreciated!! thanks & peace


  1. Inquiring minds want to know what happened to your studio in Natick. My wife and I walked past and were heartbroken to see it empty :(


  2. Thank you for the interest .. I moved my studio to the Winchell building on Washington St. sadly less public but a little more affordable :). I will post all dressproject events on my blog and i will be showing dresses in the window of Studio 180 - around the corner from my old spot on rt.27. hope to see you around. peace


thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment ~ it is always a gift to get feedback!! so thx and peace ~