Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the anything is possible phase!!!

Yesterday I received the exciting news that I was going to be part of the Juried Installation Show at the Student Union Art Gallery at UMass Amherst. (the show runs from March 22 -April 2, 2010). I am so thrilled to be creating another installation. The challenging thing about this news is that the installation needs to be 'delivered' next week ~ nothing like a deadline!!! I should note that this installation is going to be on a much smaller scale than my first installation, 'this comes from within'. It is also going to be one of a collection of installations. An intriguing aspect is that this installation does not involve a dress!!!! (yes, you read right). This installation is going to revolve around a table covered with these pieces of pink foam that I have been sewing together FOREVER!!! I began sewing them together to make a big pink foam dress - but for whatever reason they have not gone in that direction. They have a wonderful presence of their own - organic, visceral and mysterious ~ so I am excited to showcase them ( I LOVE my pink foam pieces).
So I have been getting my head back in the game & I must confess it has been awesome to be back, immersed in art!! I mean I always have art on the brain but a show or deadline gives me some sense of purpose; or definitely some sense of boundaries when it comes to my work and my role as a mother & wife ~ "Mom needs to go to her studio now because this is DUE!" one concern is that my energy level is still not at its 'normal' state which will add to the challenge but I have faith~ a little at a

But this time of a project is my favorite time - the brainstorming, the conceptualizing, the anything is possible phase!!! And a main part of this phase for me is a trip to the library!!! So with a child in tow I headed out to 'research' ~ I LOVE to research, always have!!! My daughter was so shocked by all the books that i had collected to review she took a picture. I had books on some of my favorite muses ~ Gertrude Stein, Ann Hamilton, Mary Oliver & Nikki Giovanni, to name a few. There were some books on symbols, myths and insects ~ as i mentioned before this is the time that anything is possible!!!! I am in heaven leafing thru these books absorbing everything!!
Also today I worked on perusing different words to help me work on a title and help create the sense of emotion that i want the piece to have. As I hop~scotched from one word to the next I was struck by my attraction to words, their many different meanings and also their physical appearance!!! (In fact to keep myself sane during my month of recovery I have been playing many word games ~ many games of scrabble were played in the hospital.) Words have found their way into much of my work ~ particularly the Strata series which I hope to continue. Here is a picture of Strata II with a detail. They are a stream of consciousness in the form of a dress. For the first three that i have executed I have printed the words with rubber stamps directly on wood, then built up the surrounding area with lace, wax, seeds, rope and other organic materials. For me this series represent the emotional & spiritual depth of women especially, and all of humankind in general. It reminds me of a quote from Plato that i keep with me always ~
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


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