Monday, October 4, 2010

the insatiable creature

Here are some photos of my latest 'creature', but this guy does want to stop ~ he is insatiable, wanting more and more!!! And I am happy to oblige. In fact I am feeling almost possessed by this creature, just wanting to sit a crochet and crochet. However, I need to take out a loan to pay for all the yarn and material that I keep buying for this guy. And the great thing is it is not only yarn ~ in this creature there is rope, leather, cut black plastic trash bags and, my personal favorite, green gardening twine. The reason I like the twine so much is that when i crochet with it the twine keeps some of its 'body' giving the crocheted strand a life of its own ~ twirling & curling. And depending how i exhibit the piece ~ some of the strands are coming out of the piece ready to grab your leg and pull you in!!!

I started this creature when i heard about a call for submissions. The prospectus read ~

"Gluttony is the new status quo. Our appetite for food, power, wealth, sex, new experiences, and information is seemingly insatiable and poses increasingly greater risks to the welfare of our planet and its inhabitants. .... this ravenous craving for excess and/ or the consequences of indulging our endless desire for more."

With these words spinning in my brain I thought I wanted to make a creature that represented these ideas. It was an interesting idea because I wanted this creature to be oozing, ugly, sucking up everything is its path. I saw it hanging from the rafters or slithering down the wall. I tried to work on it without an aesthetic agenda per say, yet I noticed how I did edit my greens ~ not any green yarn would do. And I haven't created an 'ugly' piece but the experience has been challenging and i am happy with this creature's presence. And, as I mentioned before - this piece is NOT finished!!!
However the call for submissions due date was last week ~ dilemma yes?? Well no ~ I submitted this piece as a performance piece ~ a work in progress that I would come in a continue to add to during the exhibit. I LOVE this idea!! and hopefully the curator will too.
The pictures that I have posted here are the pictures that I submitted to be judged. I wanted to show the versitiliy of this piece, the aliveness of this piece.

Love is blind, and greed insatiable” chinese proverb ~ peace


  1. I love this creature as well. The thought of you continuing to work on him during the exhibit is both organic and edgy, and yet sounds just about right!

  2. Certainly NOT ugly with these beautiful colours! :) xx


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