Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a question for my fellow artists

my question:
does anyone know how to fix sharpie marker that has been drawn on a coroplast panel??
For this year's Natick Artists Open Studios we are doing a p.r. event where 10 artists have created a b/w drawing on a roughly 2x4 ft piece of coroplast, that people will be able to color at the Natick farmer's market on September 17th ~ the NAOS Art on the Common.

I was honored to ask, and have been obsessed with creating this dress. But as I have been working on the outlines I have noticed that the Sharpie is not as permanent as I would like on this surface. When experimenting with coloring in a black and white drawing with colored sharpie everything is getting muddy - the colored sharpie is picking up the black!! None of the other artists are having this issue (typical ~ I have the issues!!) But as I have small areas to color in I would love to 'fix' the sharpie so this dress doesn't turn to mud.

I have tried workable fixative which melted the sharpie. I also tried covering the sharpie with matte medium, Golden's Fiber Paste (for a texture to receive the colored sharpie) and wallpaper paste and nothing is working ~
any suggestions???

Thank you! & peace~

p.s. ~ mark your calendars!!!
Natick Artists Open Studios
October 15 & 16, 2011
noon - 5 pm
be there or be square

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