Thursday, March 29, 2012

illustration, illustration, illustration. . .

last week a 'call for illustration' came to my attention which i could not pass it up. so I started to dig through my portfolios and what i found made me smile.


with the submission they requested a web site, however my illustrations have yet to be on my web site, so i thought i'd put a few on my blog and submit this address.

watercolor and inks with resist

for you lovely followers of this blog, you have seen some of my illustrations before and for some of you, they may be a new.  however, i wanted to get a good collection in one spot ~ so voila!!

watercolor and inks with resist
i must confess, rummaging through these images has reminded me how much i love illustration, the visual telling of a story or idea.

watercolor and inks with resist
i have ALWAYS dreamt of illustrating an ABC book - I am amazed on how many letter illustrations i have tucked away in portfolios.  

as u can see i work with many, MANY different media and have some different styles (sometimes i wonder if that was/is not a good selling point?!?!) but that is ME ~ many ideas, many media.

 years ago, i worked hard to be a freelance illustrator but i was discouraged when so many people spoke of how hard it was to break into that world :(

but now i would eagerly to get back to the drafting table and return to this world!!!

mixed media collage

but i am hoping to get my submission in before the nth hour so i must go before exhaustion wins out.

so, good night & peace

collage with aluminum can

acrylic paint on paper
sharpie on plastic board

pen and ink (seen on my daily dress blog)

pen and ink


pen and ink

pen and ink

spot illustration/pen and ink

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