Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote!!! It's your choice!

Tomorrow is a big day for us Americans, no matter who you are backing or what you believe in.  Tomorrow we are offered the chance to have a voice, to make our opinions known.  In the current state of politics it is too easy to get apathetic and cynical (I know I do).  But as election day approaches I need to believe that each vote does matter in some way or other, so I am encouraging all to go out and vote.

Many years ago I learned the importance of voting, or the regret of not voting.  I was living in New York City, surrounded by a very liberal community of friends and it seemed that my candidate was a shoe in; he had tons of celebrity backing, a good track record and, it was forecasted, that he had a healthy lead.  So on election day,  when I was confused about where to go vote and I had so many other important things to do, I felt that my vote was not really  needed. And, I am truly embarrassed to say, I did NOT go vote!!! And you guess it - my guy lost!! and boy did I feel that loss.

I know that my one vote wouldn't have tipped the scales however I really felt a sense of liability; I had not been part of the process, the decision and that left me feeling hollow.  Now ever since that infamous day I go vote at all elections - big or small.  That experience really brought home the importance of adding your voice to the conversation, your opinions to the process and the significance of being counted.

I definitely have my opinions!! and if any of you have seen my car you would know who I am voting for.  But honestly I don't want to push one candidate over another here. I want to urge all to go out and vote, to add your voice to the conversation and be part of the process.

And if you are worried about long lines, just go prepared ~ bring a snack, a good book, make sure your ipad or ipod is charged, remember water and I plan to bring my crocheting!! Maybe a red, white & blue creature?!?!


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