Monday, July 29, 2013

my long love affair with the ephemeral . . .

It was almost SEVEN years ago that I fell 
under the spell of the dress form;  
August 2006, on a family vacation at Well Beach, ME. 
It was there that I began to see the possibilities of dress in everything that I saw.

departure (2006) 
I started on the beach, creating dresses, then letting the high tide take them away, 
leaving me with a fresh canvas the next day!

Since then I have a special place in my creative soul for ephemeral dresses

huh??? you want to do what????
And with my current state of affairs I am not in my studio much, so I am finding my creativity seizing any opportunity to create and again I am making dresses out of anything that I can find!!! 
Such as Scruffy's fur! 
Für scruffy

What started out as a simple act of relieving Scruffy of some of his abundance of fur in this intense heat,  gave me wondrous clumps of fur (hair, really) that I immediately saw as components for a dress.

I love how the natural curls created swirls and movement in the dress.

'summertime' one day later
Another aspect that I love about process 
of the ephemeral dresses is how the dresses
 disperse back into the elements.

Some of the dresses are small, it all depends on the materials that inspire me.
Like this petite dress on the shores of Lake Sunapee, NH.
I was entranced by these fallen leaves, forecasting the upcoming autumn.

the deconstruction of 'sizzzzzzle'
Nothing is safe - 
here I was inspired by a the leftover bacon 
grease in my beloved cast iron skillet.
I don't worry, Scruffy didn't get much of the dress ~
I was photographing it and had to run into the house.
At this point Scruffy saw his opportunity, but it was brief
(although I did need to capture the moment on film)

'Nothing is permanent but change'.HERACLITUS

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