Saturday, December 28, 2013

dresstags on foreign shores

May this dress remind you to learn from the past and to savor the peppermint and thyme you find along the way (in Dougga, Tunisia)
For those of you not on Facebook I want to share lovely phenomena which has come from this cyber connection that social media allows us.
(Not that I am in anyway promoting FB.  As I have mentioned here I have a love hate relationship with social media, there is good and bad, as it is with many relationships.  But today's story springs from of the good.
dresstags heading to Asia
Thanks to social media my dresstagging practice has reach a much larger audience. That is very gratifying since I usually never see where or if my dresstags are found.  But with the wonders of Iphones, instagram and the likes, I can post pictures of these little parcels of goodwill and good fortune and their message is sent and received virtually, and usually to much enthusiasm. 

Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China

Clara's story: "This dresstag was left at the Guangdong Museum's small shop in Guangzhou. A little later I could not resist, went back there and saw the moment the young woman picked up the dress and looked very intrigued by it. She looked around and saw me, I guess she connected... and then she smiled. I smiled back and left."

This positive energy has been very important when inspiration fails or financial stress looms.  This cyber-encouragement lead me to doing my Daily Dress Inspirations blog/group, my daily morning meditation practice where I find a quote that I need to hear for that day/at that moment and post it with or without a dress.

May this dress inspire you to appreciate the art all around you. — Dar Ben-Gacem, Tunis, Tunisia
This practice has been invaluable to me during these past months and appears to be supportive to others as well.  Via Facebook I have received messages of how the quote I choose what perfect for someone to read.  Here is a comment that was shared on FB.  I LOVE  the idea that I live in a corner of her life:

"my experience has been that I/we are planted where we/I can meet those special people bringing in the light, lessons and love in unique ways that I/we most need at the time we/I are in need. Virginia Fitzgerald was introduced to me by my daughter the first year I lived in Massachusetts. Her creativity is the outward result of her inner beauty. It seems she shares each day exactly what I need. I have a feeling she lives in a corner of my life just waiting to provide these dresses just for me. So happy you have found her as well. We all make the world go round!!!!" G. Armstrong

The dress on the photo was left at a market in GZ, with the delicious dragon fruits. I left there and some 10 minutes later, when we walked back to that area, the dress was already gone and a young woman, that I think works there, was looking at us with a very big and friendly smile!!!!
— in Guangzhou, China.
Social media has increased the reach of my dresstagging practice.   Because of FB one of my artist/friend/dresstag followers, who was heading to China asked if I wanted her to take some dresstags with her!!! YES!! and I posted on FB that my dresstags were heading to Asia, which lead to two other friends offering to take some to Tunisia!!!where they were going to spread dresstag inspiration in french!!! So very exciting!! 

So during the past week I have been receiving beautiful photos from abroad.  These pictures have been tremendously welcomed by me, amidst this times of holiday stress and some loneliness triggered by figuring out how these family focused time unfold when you are divorce.  I am continually amazed how my dresswork seems to go out into the world, just to return to help me.
left in the Alps
left at the Frankfurt Airport

May this dress bring you (and us) safe and sweet travels! This one was left on a shelf of maple syrup in the Montreal airport.

So here are some of these treasures, most received this month, and one from the Alps a few summers ago!! Thank you dress carrying world travelers, Martha Calderaro and family, Liz Gray, Jacqui Bloomberg and Clara Bohrer, I am truly grateful!!! peace

link to the FB photo album #dresstagsabroad  and you can follow my dresstagging practice on instagram, @virginiafitzart

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