Thursday, January 2, 2014

just another app.

With the smartphone, iphone and ipad came
an avalanche of applications, aka apps.
Many that enhance one's social media experience.
I am blessed to be living with two teens that explore,
master and critique these apps at the speed of light.
From them I am tutored, warned and encouraged.

I have been wary of any more distractions from my studio practice;
however, by and by, social media and my dressproject were merging.
Worlds collide!! in a glorious way!

The messages of my dresstags were reaching more people,
and the dresstags were getting a following!
And social media is a perfect platform for my ephemeral dresses.
Real time documentation: now you see it, now you don't.

Today I experimented with the app, flipagram, which makes
cyber flip-books of  your photos.
Head exploding with the possibilities; videos of
#dresstags, #dresstagsabroad and #dailydressinspirations.

So see what you think, would love your thoughts!!

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