Thursday, May 21, 2015

filling in some blanks . . .

This past Saturday I had the honor to speak at 'Wake up & Smell the Poetry".  I spoke about my beloved #dressproject and what a wonderful experience it was for me!!! To get back into my #dressproject mindset is such a joy!! 

And I was in the company of many inspiring and talented people.  First, Susan McGee Bailey and Camille Breeze were the two other presenters (click here to read their bios) and then there were so many moving and wonderful performances/poems during the open mic. portion of the program.  
I am happy to say for those far and those who couldn't attend, the entire exhilarating morning was taped by HCAM and will be available for viewing sometime in June. 
(no worries, I will share when it is out!! ;-)

Below is a slideshow of the photos that I collected to accompany my talk; just a few of my dresses to help me demonstrate where the #dressproject has gone during these past nine years :)

Also on the exciting news front, this week I had my first day as shop photographer at this tremendously awesome store in Natick, Renew Arts & Industry!! talk about this visual wonderland:
Welcome to the world of Renew Arts & Industry. Located in Natick Center’s cultural district, we are Metrowest Boston’s premiere gallery shop featuring mid-century modern design. We offer a thoughtful mix of quality vintage furniture and décor, tableware, pottery, original art, hand crafted greeting cards, and artisan jewelry.  
I am so excited about this opportunity as it has allowed me to purchase a Macro lens for my camera and it is such a treat to photograph all their amazingly cool merchandise!! So a win-win all around.  So below are a few of the photos from my first day!! Loving my new lens!!! 

see why I am so happy!! a visual wonderland!!! 

So that's a bit of what has been keeping me out of trouble.  
Also, as much as I LOVE writing these posts and would love to post daily, 
I am realizing that isn't going to happen at this point in my life.  

I have been able to post more regularly on my DailyDress Inspiration blog
so please visit that blog and see what happening there!! 
and,  I will be here as much as I can, because as I was preparing for my lecture I referred to this blog many times and recognized the importance of this visual diary of my journey as a mother, artist and creator of the #dressproject.  And I am truly grateful for your company on this terrific ride!! xx
namaste, va

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