Sunday, July 5, 2015

following the inspiring bread crumbs . . .

I always love how things just sort of unfold . . .

'kitchen table series . . .'
when considering today's dailydress inspiration's post I decided to post a quote that I said years ago, while having tea with artist Louise McCall.

I wanted to share a piece of Louise's beautiful work with my quote and while pursuing her website I was so inspired by the spirit and life of her work that I decided to create a  "dOse oF TaLenT" post about her.

And then as I was choosing what paintings to share I realized that the work that I am really drawn to are her still life's, and I have been really wanting to get back into my studio and paint some of  my  "kitchen table series" and pen and ink and that I have been doing for the ICAD challenge.

I can't think of a better way to light a creative fire under myself than to look at Louise's inspiring work and remember the many enriching conversations that I have had the pleasure of sharing with her.

So on this peaceful Sunday morn, I have been enjoying this treasure hunt of sorts, following these creative bread crumbs that all connect and that gives me a push in the direction of my studio.

Happy Sunday and peace,

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