Friday, August 14, 2015

'sky warrior II . . . ' in pictures

as usual it began with chicken wire
used colored wires (reds and pinks) to create shape by weaving it through the chicken wire.
first make-shift work station, holding up the bodice so that i could start the skirt,
 set up in the living room with the a/c
my faithful sidekick, scruffy . . .
also enjoying the a/c
close-up detail of the skirt
then hung the dress from the ceiling by a branch so i could continue to grow the skirt
wired heart for inside the dress

installation . . . 
arrived at park in hopkinton, ma. with an 8 foot ladder, but that wasn't nearly enough!!!
So my wonderful assistant, daughter Harriet, and I began to improvise . . . 

here i am attempting to toss the spool of fishing line over the desired branch.
with some minor adjustment from my lovely assistant


successfully installed!!

opening reception:

part of Cathy Weaver Taylor's installation
it's a beautiful trail

beautiful sand art at the beginning of the trail/exhibit

the exhibit runs until the end of September, with a
poetry reading/gathering on Sept. 19th, 2:00
the exhibit and trail are located across from:

118 Main St, Hopkinton, MA 01748

this sculpture was inspired by 'sky warrior . . . ' the first commissioned and purchased dress was the 'dressproject' and which lives outside Chicago, IL.

'sky warrior . . . ' installed (2006)
'sky warrior . . . ' front


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