Friday, September 11, 2015

in honor of 9/11 I am reposting the story of 'dear jeff ...'; let us not forget!!

virginia fitzgerald . . art . . inspiration . . ink: #tbt: the story of 'dear jeff . . . ': note: photo is above the fold :) I seems only appropriate to share the story behind my sculpture, 'dear jeff . . . ' as it is...
(I believe to read original post, quick title, which is the link?!?!)

'dear jeff ...' is in the background, photographer: Stephen Broadley


This is the first time that I am attempting to repost via blogspot's interface and I am thinking that they have just posted the link to the original post ... but I never like any post without some visuals, being a visual artist & all, so here are some photos of 'dear jeff ...' 
(& hopefully the story as well)


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