Monday, February 29, 2016

a flurry of spring is now online ...

some of the products available at Society6
Today, I have dipped my toes into another online venue with some of my design work.
I worked one of my #30daysofpatternstudies into a repeat, called it 'springtime flurry and posted it on Society6.

Society6 will put my artwork on a number of products so that anyone can go and order different merchandise with some original virginiafitzgerald art on it!!!

iPhone skin available at Society6
I have ordered one of the carry-all pouches to make sure that the quality is to my liking, however I know other illustrators and artists who use this site so I am pretty confident that I will be happy with the end product. 

As one of my goals for 2016 is to have an online shop, either on my website or via Etsy, I see posting some art on Society6 as the beginning of my foray into the land of online commerce.

Another perk of listing with Society6, is that they are running a promotion from now until March 6th - the link for the promo

(Also, true confessions, it is such a hoot to see my art on the different products!!! )

And as a way to celebrate this newest entry to the online world,
 I have created a downloadable calendar for the month of March with the pattern of the day ...

you can either download the calendar from here or you can follow the below link to my flickr account

So happy March everyone and thank you for your ever-present and thoroughly appreciated support!!


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