Friday, August 15, 2008

Night visitor

During one of my recent trips to my parents, one of my parent’s neighbor’s home was toilet-papered. Sadly I did not see the t.p. in all its glory, only after a few days and a rainstorm. However the rain gave the remaining toilet paper a haunting feeling which bewitched the street. I was more intrigued when I heard that it was a group of girls who apparently executed the ‘offense’. As I was walking along this splendorous street I was overtaken by the desire to make a dress. So in the rain, I started gingerly collecting the wet toilet paper and attaching the pieces to a tree trunk. The trunk had a long piece of t.p. already hanging near a ‘V’ in the trunk – a perfect strap. So patiently I adhered the pieces to the trunk, using the spaces between the bark to help anchor the pieces. I was working against gravity and the light rain had turned into a thunderstorm!!! But I was in heaven – watching the dress take form.
So I created ‘Night visitor’ which remained long enough for me to photograph and then gravity won out. Before the t.p. fell the dress was enchanting - the skirt pieces were not entirely attached, only at the waist, so the pieces blew in the wind giving the dress life. Also where the cleavage was there was beautiful moss on the bark. So the night visitor stood for a time on the ethereal street surrounded by trees still donning their ghostly ribbons. It was magically!!!


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