Tuesday, June 16, 2009

treasures in the post

In this day and age of electronic correspondences and junk mail i love to get stuff I really want in the mail. The past 2 days I was been quite blessed that way. First I came home to a lovely parcel on my front step - I had no idea what it was... wasn't excepting anything... so when I opened it up and discovered this precious book I was overjoyed. This was a 'just-for-instance' gift from a dear friend in CA who is a literary phenom. I had called to discuss some thoughts for my eggshell installation. While we talked, I mentioned a piece that i was doing with straight pins and she mentioned this character in a Mary Poppins book. Then to my utmost pleasure she sent me a copy!!! It is a beautiful book!! It is an old library discarded book and I cherish it . It has wonderful b/w line illustrations – even Miss Calico, the pin lady, is depicted!!!! I have started to read it and it is a visual wonderland~ it has been added to my collection of books, journals, sketch books that go everywhere with me.
My second treasure was something i was excepting - just not so soon. From across the continent came my parcel of Yarnia Yarn. As I posted earlier when i placed my order I asked for a few spools out of the remnant basket - really not specifying particular colors. So this is what I got - not what I would have chosen BUT I am excited to work with them - turn them all into creatures!!!!
So yeah mail!!!!


  1. Yesterday the mail brought me a CD from one of my cousins with lots of really old family pictures. A real treasure!


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