Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the river is flowing

Mandy Greer had started to install her 'Mater Matrix Mother and Medium' at Camp Long in Seattle, WA. As I was checking out her blog to see how everything was progressing I found a picture of my piece installed! click here to see it in the trees. It seems as if my piece was the first to go in!! What was intriguing was that as I flipped through the photos I recognized my piece before I read the comment! It is exciting to see how her 'river' is flowing through the trees and to appreciate all the hands who helped to contribute to this piece..
Also in her blog post for Jun 24th she write about the environmental fiber/community fiber-based art practice by Iranian artist Atefeh Khas ~ another feast for the eyes. I find it electrifying to see all the amazing work being done in so many corners of the world(thanks to the Internet) and the wonders being done with fibers! what fun ~ off to work on creature #3!!


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