Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy July

(a little treasure on the curb)

milkweed flower
we have been having 'mushroom lovin' weather

We here in the Northeast might not know it is July, or even summer. We haven't seen a lot of the sun and today was down right chilly. But it is July and to help create that warm, summery feeling I thought I'd post some of the photos that i have taken during my walks with my dog. I don't know if it because i have a dog and i am outside much more, or if this has just been a truly lush spring/summer, but I have been struck by the beauty of the foliage ~ particularly flowers. I have been fascinated by the intricacies of a flower, the delicacy of the petals & the pending potential of the buds. Since Spring I have been especially drawn to yellow flowers. Now I try to remember my camera when i take my doggie walks, and Scruffy tries to be patient with me!!
So happy July & peace ~


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