Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dresses on the move!!!

Well besides working frantically to finish and promote 'this comes from within' I am needing to shuffle around some dresses!!! First, some dresses are coming home from the ALL Gallery in Lowell and from the Bromfield Gallery, Boston. It is amazing how fast August went this year!!! It was a pleasure to be included in both of these shows and I am sorry that they are ending. But as some dresses come back others are going out ~ In Memory of.... was juried into War & Peace: Images of Conflict and Resolution in the 21st Century at LynnArts Inc., Lynn MA. The juror was Ken Hruby, West Point Graduate, Visual Artist and Associate Professor of Sculpture, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The show will run from September 4-October 9, opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 2-4pm (galleries open M, T, W, F 10 am- 4pm, and Thursday 10 am- 7pm)
I am very glad to have this dress back out in the world and especially in this themed show. David Lang also got a piece in show, Extraordinary Rendition, which LynnArts has featured on their calendar page.

So things are happening here. The anticipation for 'this comes from within' is building. It is exciting to see it coming together but also nerve-wrecking to see all that still needs to be done. I am having the toughest time finding the right fabrics because everything needs to be fire retardant and nailing the right stuff down has been a major struggle!!

Also last week I had one of those 'creativity lessons' when i realized that the two pieces of the installation (the front room and the back room) don't exactly work together as I have planned. I had been creating them each individually and hadn't really step back to see if they work together and they don't. So it is back to the drawing board for the backroom. The lesson here is to not get too attached to one idea and to keep looking to the piece for direction. My only problem is right now I am feeling a little frantic about the time so it is hard to sit back and be quiet and listen to the piece ~ one of my life lessons :) So I am off to do some yoga before bed and practice my breathing!! Peace, good night & namaste!


  1. Yeah about the Lynn show! I'll spread the word to my North Shore folks!

    p.s. My "word verification" below is osista. Is that random?


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