Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eggshell installation update

The installation @ Medicine Wheel is coming along!!!! Here is a view of the gallery ~ showing the door cutout and most of the mural. In the middle of the floor is an 8 ft circle of sheet metal.
Below are some close up of the mural (the white lines are chalk lines)

It has been an adventure to see where the mural goes - it just grows and grows....
After the mural reached a certain stage it was time to focus on the main point of this installation...the eggshell dressafter collecting mirrors we started breaking them ~ a popular job among my helpers. I told all who asked ~ that if you break a mirror in the name of creativity you get 7 years GOOD LUCK!!! There is a lot of good luck at Medicine Wheel :)
Once broken then we pasted the pieces on to the metal circle. I wanted to do the mosaic before the dress so that the dress would sit on the mirrors. I have now come to reconsider this order of process because as i am building the dress I hear the mirror pieces readjusting below my knees.
But once the mirror mosaic was complete ~ the dress was begun!!!! eggshell by eggshell.....
There is still much to be done and time is running short. The official opening reception date has not been finalized although i believe it will be in the second week of September as there will be a new show in the gallery at the end of September.
It has been such a wonderful experience working with the Medicine Wheel crew ~ we have realized that almost everyone of the fifty some students that are working there this summer has worked on this installation in some capacity.
This summer the students are also working hard on a park in the community called No Man's Land. The Medicine Wheel youth group began reclaiming this area of South Boston in 1998 ~ this summer they are selling bricks which will be used to make a path which they call 'Our Common Path'. If interested you can buy an engraved brick which will sponsor their Youth Employment Program - all funds go directly to employ the Medicine Wheel youths. If you are interested email medicine wheel or go to their website I was able to go to a hot dog social this week at No Man's Land and I found it a very inspiring oasis!!
So there is the update .. now back to the eggshells!!!! peace!!!


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