Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the calm after the storm

so 'this comes from within' is gone!!! dress taken apart, curtains down, walls painted over, eggshells swept up. It is amazing ~ when the time came I was ready to move on!!! But it has been interesting, this post-installation period. The past 4 months it have been crazy, I NEVER felt like I had enough time, balancing between the demands of creating an installation (something i had never done before) and the needs of a family that was used to having me around more. It was an intense time, and now I have some breathing room. I can go to my daughter's soccer game and not need to race off down to Boston ~ nice. But it is also weird!! I LOVED working on the installation, I LOVED the intensity of the work ~ the envisioning of the space, the problem solving, the physical work and especially painting the walls!!! I loved my walls. I guess what i am 'struggling' with now is trying to figure out the normal pace of things again!!! I have many ideas and projects that i can do, call for work to submit, dresses to finish, in fact my hands are itching to get to work. I really want to dive head first into another big challenge. However i just might need to remember a more balanced and possibly more health approach to work and life! That said ~ I am seeing wonderful materials EVERYWHERE and I am champing on the bit to make dresses ~ many, many dresses. But i usually don't because I am needed some where else. However, finally i couldn't resist the spectacular yellow leaves!! Fall is my favorite season, one reason is the wild explosion of colors around me. Everyday I am stunned by the beauty!!!
this year is so amazing I have started lugging my camera everywhere to take photos of these autumnal treasures. One day while walking the hound I came across some yellow leaves that stopped me in my tracks ~ I liked their shape and weight & they spoke to me in dress speak - i saw a skirt. So much to Scruffy's chagrin I stopped and collected the leaves to bring home. I soon found some others that moved me and before they all dried out I made this dress ~
by the time to took the photo the light from the setting sun was super intense. So with that intensity and with the inspiration for the dress coming from the yellow leaves I call this dress ~ SunBurst! It is always good to be outside creating a dress ~ I am glad I have a little more breathing room to do that!!! peace & happy fall!


thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment ~ it is always a gift to get feedback!! so thx and peace ~