Tuesday, October 6, 2009

for those who can't make it there in person....

upon entering the galley one is struck by the power and emotion of the piece. you enter this dark, magical world through a membrane of tulle and find yourself at the base of a glowing, larger-than-life dress made of eggshells and papier-mache. As your eyes adjust the rest of the fecund environment reveals itself. The wall come to life; full of swirling vines, creeping insects, dancing figures and so much more. In the back of the gallery one finds a glowing opening revealing a lush chamber. 'this comes from within' will be on exhibit through October 16th @ Medicine Wheel Productions . 110 K st. Boston.

HOWEVER ~ it is MUCH BETTER to experience in person!!!!

The gallery is open m-f ~10-4 and you can always call to set up an appt. - 617-596-5179.

I will be there tomorrow afternoon.
The closing reception is Wednesday, October 14th, 5-8pm.

Spread the word and hope to see you there.



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