Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready for her close-up

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering Lush (also known as Barcelona) to her new home ~ it was such a treat!!!! I was able to see the beautiful space that these wonderful people have set up for her ... it looked like it was made especially for her!!! There was a nook all ready for her with red urns to flank her. Beside her nook was a wildly colored screen in a design similar to the wall designs of 'this comes from within'. And the best part was the brightly colored chandelier of BARBIE dolls which came from a terrific vintage clothing and accessories store in Gloucester called Bananas. The owner Richard Leonard made the chandelier, and when I met him I learned that he made a dress out of Barbies!!!! It was exhibited in a few places, here is the link to one of the show catalogs!!

So besides knowing that Lush is with nice people in the perfect home I also found a terrific vintage store and learned about a dress of barbies ~ life is good!!!

Before she left I did want to document her. This dress has been on the move since she was finished!! First the ALL show in Lowell in August, then @ Gallery 55 for the open studios and then off to the Red Show @ the Cambridge Art Association where she was I hadn't really had a moment to photograph her. So I got her set-up with lights and whatnot. But the really fun part was that I took pictures of her in different locations. This is an idea that I have been bouncing around in my mind for awhile. I really want/plan to make another eggshell dress and put it into different locations and photograph it. So I really enjoyed experimenting with Lush ~ two of the photos are below.


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