Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!

Wishing all a passionate, creative, magical & peaceful 2010!!!!

Over New Year’s Eve, I was with some folks that i hadn't seen for a long time so we played the catch-up game. When I was rehashing the year I realized that 2009 was an amazingly full year for the Dress Project and me professionally!!! I had pieces in a dozen shows throughout the year and created my first full scaled installation!!! It has been a year of immense creative & personal growth. One of the highlights was definitely ‘this comes from with’ ~ the installation that I constructed at Michael Dowling’s Medicine Wheel in South Boston. In retrospect that was a huge project – in the works for 7 months!! It was a spectacular experience ~ creatively, educationally & personally. It was such a personal triumph that I was able to successfully construct my personal vision in the 21’x15’ gallery!! There was a definite adjustment in my home – Mom was out of the house more than ever ~ everyone was learning. Also I learned to work with others ~ it was a truly memorable experience working with the kids at Medicine Wheel!!! Another milestone was getting the Dress Project out of state – thank you Gallery Z in Providence, RI. Sadly I had to miss the opening because of my hand injuries ~ as wonderful as this year was professional it ended a bit difficultly with some accidents, especially with my hands. But as I have been going through many procedures for my hands I have been inspired to do a series of work about my hands – drawing, sketches, painting, collages, sculpture and so much more. So I am heading into the New Year and new decade with many dress ideas but also a new passion for hands!!!
So hoping everyone is heading into the New Year with a new passion & full of excitement for things to come!!!
Peace to everyone!!!!!

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