Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach inspiration strikes again!!

Today I took a break from putting together a grant application (ugh), and took my girls down to the cape to visit their grandparents (yea!!). It was a perfect day to get out of Dodge as the temperature was again in the 90's ~ so why not hit the beach!!! And when i am on the beach it is very hard for me NOT to make a dress!! Today the many variations of little green rocks and pebbles caught my fancy!!! In fact this is a pretty small dress. And I made it right on the edge of the tide so that the rocks would stay wet and in all their colorful glory. This did presented me with a bit of a challenge ~ since I was using pebbles, the occassional wave would rearrange the dress. It made it feel a bit like a preformance piece :). But then by the time I finished making the dress, the tide had receded and I had to sprinkle the rocks before taking the picture. This picture shows my studio assistant protecting the finished dress while I fetched my camera (just in case the big wave struck !!)
So once again I was on the beach, listening to my muses and feeling in my element. It was almost 4 years ago that I started 'the Dress Project' on Wells Beach, ME ~ nice way to celebrate an anniversary!! I am always amazed how these beach dresses almost make themselves ~ how the idea that an artist acts as a contuit rings so true to me. I just knew which rock went where. And again, making this dress was good therapy for me ~ an outlet for the many emotions of this summer!! This dress just needed the heart on the outside!! And even though I was inspired to use the green stones ~ it seemed appropiate to be making a green dress ~ because one of my favorite dresses is my gress dress. I wore it to my latest studio party and felt good in it (more pictures from that party to come!!)

So thank you beach muses!!

But now i must return to finishing my grant application - it needs to be in the mail TODAY!!!
wish me luck!!
~ peace


  1. you are so lovely in that green dress, looks like it would be fun to dance in! and, I love your green beach stone dress, wonderful! Wishing you the best with your grant.

  2. lovely blog and great work. thanks for your comments on my little blog. Feel free to post about my work- please just link back to either my blog or website and call me by my name not my blog name. Thanks so much for asking!

    Joetta Maue (little yellowbird)


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