Thursday, July 22, 2010

illustration friday ~ breakfast

I was thinking that I was going to have to pass up this illustration friday, which had made me so sad.... I LOVE breakfast!!! These past few weeks have been crazy and trying to find the time to create new illustrations has been taxing on different fronts:( However a friend reminded me of this illustration and I thought ... 'BREAKFAST' (yea! I hate to miss an illustration friday!!!).

This is one of my favorite illustrations. It is done in a technique where i tried to create a batik affect on paper ~ I was very happy with the outcome. I also love the image ~ I can just feel the warmth of this busy kitchen and the smells of the cinnamon rolls, frsh from the oven!! yum, yum. now off to have my breakfast!!

wishing all a great day (the heat has broken for a bit here!! finally) & peace!!


  1. that's a great idea? do you follow the batik procedure or do you paint it?

    and thanks for your comment Virgina!

  2. I am most impressed with their "Oprah" like two door glass refrigerator. (The real estate agent in me...I guess) I always must be a little silly. I too feel the warmth of the illustration and just cracked open a box of quick cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow. How is that for subliminal illustration!!!
    leslie camino corrigan

  3. Beautiful work! Great job! love your use of color :D

  4. OH, lovely. Is this gouache resist? That is the medium I use...


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