Monday, January 31, 2011

and out of the snow rises.....

Not sure what the weather is like where you live, but here in the Boston area we are living in a winter wonderland ~ and by that i mean SNOW!!! loads of SNOW!! I am now teaching art at a local high school and I have not had a week without a snow day since returning from winter break!!! And 'they' say another monster storm is forecasted for tonight!! With more snow pending the question on many folks minds is where will all this snow go?? we already are surrounded by mini mountains of the stuff, making getting out of driveways a bit of a leap of faith.

In front of my house our friendly plow guy, Louie, has created quite a pile around one of our trees. Between the plow and the elements, snow had collected up on to the trunk of the tree. Yesterday while I was cautiously backing out of our drive, one of my girls pointed out how it looked like a dress!! and lo' and behold she was right!! (see upper left photo) I just felt that it needed few 'alterations' here and there!! SO out I went, into the elements, butter knife in hand to start carving away. A little scrape here and another there & voila ~ a wedding dress fit for the snow queen herself. I love how this dress works ~ just rising out of the snowbank, like a phoenix. I love how the dress is composed of both the clean white snow and the dingy street snow ~ giving a sense of toile. And lastly I love how the undulating snowbanks gives this dress the feeling of movement ~ I see this dress is sashaying down the street or through the royal gardens, and I can hear the swishing of all the luscious fabrics as she floats by. Even though my fingers were not so happy about the activity, I was really enjoying carving the snow and with another forecasted 20 inches on its way I was wondering if I could build and carve a free standing, life sized dress out of snow?? one never knows.....
So I look to the possible snowstorm with mixed emotions. The idea of having enough good snow to sculpt a large dress makes me giddy with anticipation, yet the snow could affect an opening reception that I am truly excited about ~ the coming~out of my piece 'insatiable' in the show 'Insatiable'. The opening reception is this Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011, 5-7:30 p.m. We will just have to see how it all works out!!! Click here to see all the wonderful artists that are included in this show and the other events that are related to the show. One of these events will be ME working on 'insatiable' in the gallery at certain times during the show. Also visitors will be able to bring in material for 'insatiable' that i then will work into the piece. This is all very exciting for me!!!
So we will see what mother nature brings us and how we deal with it. If you are in the neighborhood of Brandeis University on Thursday please stop by ~ it should be a compelling show. Just remember to throw some kitty litter and a shovel in your car!!
Stay warm and peace!!


  1. I saw you out there in the snow and knew it would be a dress. Way to stick it to the snow.


  2. I like your new blog look -- and your wonderful snow dress!! It's amazing what comes out of a storm!

    We'll be sure to check out Insatiable!


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