Friday, January 28, 2011

Now, on center stage... the Dress Project: origami style!!

this is a body of work that has been in the works for months!!!
And finally, it is ready for its 'close up!'
So here, on center stage, presented for your enjoyment... my origami dresses!!!

For many moons i have been folding anything that i get my hands on into a dress ~ parking stubs, museum maps, mailing labels, lollipop wrappers ~ truly ANYTHING!! I want to make a dress a day as a kind of diary of an event of the day, but alas, time.... I have really only been stock piling dresses with good intentions. But finally I got a series of dresses onto canvases and off to a gallery!!! Even with the mountains of snow that
have fallen on us up here in the Northeast, I got 7 pieces to
Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH for their Enormous Tiny Art show 9 (ETA9). very exciting!

I am particularly delighted with this series because each piece was inspired by a 'fortune' that you can come across in your everyday life ~ from fortune cookies or tea bags. Each piece is titled after their particular 'fortune' and the original fortune is incorporated in the collage.

Click here to see the pieces and see their titles.

I had so much fun making these ~ finding the appropriate material to capture the essence of the fortune.

With The Only Way to Have a Friend is to Be One I used telephone pages for the base of the collage, then added pieces of maps and stamps. When i was making it I was thinking of some dear friends that now live far away but are always close in my heart.
(Particularly a certain live-in mom :)

I also made some origami dresses for the Artist's Valentine and will shows those in the next post. And I plan to make more and MORE!!! I've got the making for an awesome crossword puzzle inspired 'frock'. So stay tuned!! & peace!!

info. about the show~
ETA 9 February 3- February 28; opening reception: Friday February 4, 5-8pm
stop by the gallery - it is a beautiful space with truly wonderful art and other treasures
OR if you are not nearby... you can shop ON LINE :)

110 congress street
portsmouth, nh 03801

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