Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday David Lang!!!

today is the birthday of the awesome & most creative David Lang,
Happy Birthday, David!!!

And upon arriving at my studio this morning I found a lucky penny & knew it was going to be part of David's birthday dress (as is tradition)!! Up in my studio I found some wood & my trusty, rusty dremel drill and just followed the muses!!! It was a true dress project moment ~ hardly thinking, just creating (love that). I used inks and stains on the wood in my favorite swirly motif. Then I took the drill and carved the swirly motif into the wood. Then added some rubber stamps....
In the chaos which is my studio, I found this lovingly worn fortune that seemed so appropriate for a man with more energy than a bunch of first graders after consuming much chocolate cake ~
"every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such"
& for the dress I turned to one of my favorite resources ~ the order of service from the Unitarian Universalist Area Church, Sherborn. The dress "a spark of the divine" came from these pages ~ it is full of positive affirmations and poetry, and it is on a beautiful colored paper!!
The dress reads ~
"We go forth into the world in peace
To act with works of love
To affirm each person's dignity
And to cherish the living earth"
David epitomizes this sentiment so it seemed a fitting choice. And this birthday boy is in the midst of that wonderful frenzy of getting ready for a show at the Boston Sculptor's Gallery in a few weeks. To keep up with this bundle of energy check out his blog or his facebook artist's page & enjoy the wonder which is David Lang's art!!

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  1. dear Virginia, wow, this dress/gift and how it was made so speaks to your care and thoughtfulness for those who fill your life and care for you in turn, What better gift than to express David's special qualities and what he means to you than in a a compelling, meaningful work of art... happy birthday David!


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