Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gabby called it Bob

It was a fabulous evening at the opening reception for Attleboro Arts Museum's exhibition, Green. I had such a wonderful time 'performing' with my piece, 'insatiable'. Many people helped me work. A girl named Gabby was very intrigued with the piece ~ wondering if I was going to be working on the piece the entire time the show was open!? She was disappointed when I told her that I would only be crocheting during certain scheduled times, but then she learned how to crochet and helped me work on the piece. She also did decide to give 'insatiable' another name, she called it Bob.

The museum staff had created a terrific set-up for me and 'insatiable' ~ I had an entire corner to myself. There was also a bowl where people could leave materials for me to crochet into the piece. When I got there there was a buckle in the bowl that I immediately worked into the piece.

For me this evening was extra exciting because I was 'to perform' with my piece during the reception!!! With this in mind, I felt I should 'look' the part, so I went all out ~ I wore a green dress, had green fingernails and toenails, green tinsel in my hair and made myself a kind of crocheted shawl, which I loved wearing. And the experience was awesome!!! I LOVED!!! working on 'insatiable' again. In fact it was so wonderful that I have started another giant creature to work on at home. This time it is red; and I want to make it so people will be able to go inside the piece. That is something I see people wanting to do with 'insatiable' ~ to get inside, however there is no easy and safe way to get it.

It is amazing to me to see how people are drawn to 'insatiable'. I encourage them to touch and play with the piece. Many artists and curators discourage any touching of art because the oils from hands can cause the work to decay. But as I have mentioned before ~ I see my creatures as alive and especially 'insatiable' ~ changing all the time. So the idea that 'insatiable' will be touched, meaning that there is the possibility of it getting a little dirty or oily, only adds to its ever evolving state.

The entire show is a treat for the senses. there are some amazing pieces from all over the country. Below is a list of all the contributing artists, with the award winners in bold :). ( I also put links to their websites and take a look if you have time - so really cool work!!!) And it is SO great to be in another show with my soul sister artist friend, Lisa Barthelson!!! Just another perk about this show!!!

So if you are in the area - STOP BY. I will be working on the 'insatiable' at certain times during the exhibit and I will try and post the times here!!

Green Exhibiting Artists

Michelle Acuff, Jenny E. Balisle, Stephen Barnwell, Jeanne Barry, Lisa A. Barthelson, David Lee Black, Peter Campbell, Mia Capodilupo, Donna Catanzaro, Barbara Clark, Barry Close, Iris Falck Donnelly, Virginia Fitzgerald, Ricky Gagnon, Eleanor Gilpatrick, Julie Gray, Michael S. Guertin, Leslie Hirst, Kevin Hughes, Bonnie Jaffe, Sharon Loper, Petra Nimtz, Elaine Pawlowicz, Norman Petersen, Lahary Pittman, Barbara Poole, Nikki Rosato, Lisa Gabrielle Russell, Cheryl Safren, Ruth Scotch, Hiroko Shikashio, Alan Strassman, Mark Taber, Stephanie Terelak, Tom Wagner, Elizabeth White, Peggy Wyman, Stephenie A. Zentara.

that was also a lot of 'press' :) and I think I made an interesting subject. Below you will find a link to one article about the opening.
Attleboro Arts Museum, 86 Park St., Attleboro.
Tues. through Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 508-222-2644.
GREEN - A National Juried Exhibition, July 6 through August 3


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  1. hey soul sister,
    What a wonderful blog entry, and what a show, what a piece!....When I told my husband 'Bob' that the insatiable piece was named Bob, he got very excited that you named the piece for him!, but he felt bad that he hadn't learned to crochet and add to 'Bob' Weds. night at the opening...I'm going to let him keep thinking you named the piece for him,...okay!?
    See you soon, looking forward to the ever growing presence of 'Bob'!


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